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Janet Holloway was a recurring character, and later an antagonist, in the third season of Stranger Things. She is the wife of Tom Holloway and mother of Heather Holloway.



Janet, a middle aged woman, married Tom Holloway, the Chief Editor of the Hawkins Post and the two later had a daughter named Heather Holloway. The family had a peaceful life in Hawkins before Heather got a job as a lifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool in 1985.


On July 1, 1985, Heather, after being possessed by the The Mind Flayer, invites her co-worker, Billy Hargrove, who's also possessed, over to dinner with her mother and father. Heather's parents, concluding that this was just a dinner with Billy, get poisoned and taken to the Mind Flayer themselves.

Janet wakes up next to her husband Tom in Brimborn Steel Works where the Mind Flayer has made its new home. They too get possessed by the Mind Flayer and become members of The Flayed.

Eventually, on July 4th, Janet and Heather are summoned by the Mind Flayer who melts down all the Flayed including Janet and her daughter, except her husband who was killed by Jonathan Byers earlier, to make itself bigger and stronger, resulting in the death of Janet.

Personality and Traits

Janet is calm and collected and a loving mother and wife. She listens and always respects other peoples opinions and thoughts. This is shown as she is happy to invite someone over for dinner if it benefits her daughter or makes her happy.

After Janet is possessed by the Mind Flayer, she starts to act strange, mainly because of how the Mind Flayer was controlling her and being part of his hive mind.

Powers and Abilities

Janet gained these abilities after becoming the Flayed.

  • Hive Mind: After being possessed by the Mind Flayer, Janet is connected to it and the rest of the Flayed and can communicate with them in multiple ways.
  • Enhanced Strength: Much like Billy and her daughter Heather, Janet gained more strength once she became one of the Flayed, which made it easier to capture others to bring to the Mind Flayer.
  • Enhanced Durability: Janet also gained durability. We can see just how durable she might have been through Billy, as he also gained these abilities from the Mind Flayer and used them to escape the sauna and Eleven's grip.



Tom Holloway

Tom Holloway is Janet Holloway's husband. Janet and Tom seemed to have a good relationship as they did love each other, although Janet was possibly unaware of her husband's sexism at his job. After Janet fainted due being poisoned by Billy and Heather, Tom came to her aid, showing his care for her.

Unfortunately, after becoming members of the Flayed, they did not die together as Tom was killed by Jonathan Byers on July 3rd and Janet was killed on July 4th by the Mind Flayer.

Heather Holloway

Heather Holloway was Janet‘s daughter. She seemed to have a good relationship with her daughter, as Heather affectionately called her "mommy." After Heather became possessed and took her mother to the Mind Flayer, Janet tearfully begged her daughter to stop what she was doing before she was possessed by the Mind Flayer.

After becoming one of the Flayed, Janet and Heather, the only surviving members of the Holloway family, died together on July 4th after being summoned by the Mind Flayer.


Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove was invited to a dinner with Janet, her husband and her daughter whom he had kidnapped and taken to the Mind Flayer. Janet had only known Billy for a few hours before they were eventually connected through the Mind Flayer as part of The Flayed.


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