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Jamie, otherwise known as Nine, is a supporting character in Stranger Things: SIX and a main character in Stranger Things: Into the Fire. She has the ability to generate heat, and after losing her parents, she and her twin sister, Marcy, were implemented into the roster of children test subjects at Hawkins Lab.


Jamie and her twin sister Marcy were born in 1969 to their unnamed parents. Jamie's memories of life outside the lab is extremely vague. However, she and Marcy have happy memories of going to a fancy toy shop with their parents, recalling how one Easter how they got to pick out stuffed animals, with the girls picking out a stuffed rabbit and lamb. At some point in her life, Jamie discovered she had the ability to generate heat and fire, whereas Marcy was powerless. Martin Brenner, a scientist running a program for children with special abilities at Hawkins National Laboratory in Indiana, approached the twin's parents to help Jamie control her powers, but her parents refused.


Jamie's powers proved to be too powerful to control, as it caused her family's home to be engulfed in flames. Jamie and Marcy were the only people to survive the fire, and they were soon brought to Hawkins Lab by Brenner. After being told that he could help Jaime control her abilities, she accepts his offer to join his program. Marcy is implemented into the program to keep Jaime happy. Jaime is given the number "Nine" while Marcy is given the number "9.5", and each get a tattoo of their respective number on their wrist.


By this point, Jamie and Marcy were joined by four other experiments - Ricky (Three), who had the ability to manipulate people's emotions, Francine (Six), who possessed precognition, Kali (Eight), who causes psychic hallucinations, and Jane (Eleven), who possessed telekinesis and was proving to be the most powerful of the test subjects. Nine, 9.5, Eight, and Eleven were often placed in the Rainbow Room to play due to their young age, but would often be used as bystanders for Francine and Ricky's experiments. Jamie soon became dedicated to making her experiments successful, taking Brenner's comments that she was "special" to heart. One day, she was tasked to heat materials doused in flammable liquid with her mind and without the help of Marcy, The experiment was dangerous, as it caused Jamie to overexert herself. She began bleeding from her ears, nose, and eyes, and the heat inside caused the scientist inside the room to die from heat exposure. Jamie had fallen into a coma, with the doctors unsure if she would wake up. During her comatose state, Eleven's mother, Terry Ives, invaded the lab via gunpoint looking for her daughter. Seeing a chance to escape, Ricky and Francine took Marcy and fled the lab. Francine sacrificed herself and was killed, while Ricky and Marcy fled into the woods, never to be seen again.

After the escape, Jamie had awoken from her coma to find Brenner lying and saying Marcy had abandoned her. Jamie was left devastated and caused her mental health to deteriorate. Kali was tasked by Brenner to use her powers and create a fantasy world for Jamie in order to continue experimenting on her. Kali gave Jamie a fantasy world in a woodland environment with animals. However, due to Kali's powers being too weak, Jamie's fantasies eventually stopped. Jamie attacked Kali to "bring back her friends", but was taken away by Hawkins Lab agents.

Eventually, Brenner came to the conclusion that the program should focus their energy on Eleven rather than Jamie and the other experiments due to her growing more powerful. He tasked a doctor named Edward J. Morris to "dispose" of Jamie due to working so close with her while Brenner took care of the other experiments. Drawing a line, Morris took Jamie to a psychiatric ward. She was placed there with no question due to the doctors there owing Morris a favor. There, Jamie was placed on a plethora of drugs to reduce her heat generation and soon given the fantasy she's always desired through hallucinations.


By this time, Jamie's hallucinations have caused her to see Marcy, and led her to punch away her feelings against the wall of her room. An orderly, hearing the commotion, came to her room to find Jamie's hand bloody and bruised. Attempting to bandage her and drug her up again, Jamie snapped and lit the orderly's arm on fire. Escaping in the halls, Jamie lit the hall's corkboards on fire and let her flee the ward. Hiding in the woods, Jamie was surprised and angry to find Marcy looking for her alongside Ricky. Marcy and Ricky have been traveling across the state to find the other experiments, and have been searching for Jamie for days. While Ricky is hesitant to help due to Jamie's unstableness, Marcy calmly and profusely apologizes to her twin sister for leaving her, and tells her she wants to help and love her again. Jamie ultimately calms down and recognizes her sister. By the next morning, Jamie is now being taken care of by Ricky and Marcy. She sleeps close to Marcy in a local motel while Rick leaves to talk to Dr. Morris.


  • Heat Generation - Nine was capable of generating heat. While her powers are strong enough to burn a person, they have not yet reached the capability to ignite something.


  • Nine is one of the test subjects whose powers do not affect the mind; Eleven has the ability to move things with her mind and Kali/Eight can create mental illusions.
  • In the second trailer for the fourth season, one of the test subject's doors in Hawkins Lab has "9" printed on one of the doors, hinting of Jamie's integration into the series. This would mark the first Stranger Things character to first appear in printed media before appearing in the series.
  • Jamie is the older twin, as test subjects are sorted by birth order.


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