The Ives house is the residence of Terry and Becky Ives. It is located on 515 Larrabee Road in Indiana.



Hoping that Terry could provide answers about Hawkins Lab, Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers visited the residence. While there, Becky told them about Terry's involvement in MKUltra, as well as the her unknown pregnancy and subsequent "miscarriage".


After a connection to the void led Eleven to know about her mother's existence, she hitchhiked to the residence. Upon learning that Terry was Eleven's biological mother, Becky allowed her in. Eleven stayed there for a while and attempted to talk to Terry. Though she never responded, Eleven saw Terry's several memories through the void, including Terry's endeavor to retrieve her from the confinement at Hawkins Lab and her subsequent apprehension by Brenner who forced Terry to undergo electroshock therapy.

Eleven also witnessed another girl in the memory who stayed with her during confinement. Looking through Terry's files of missing children, she recognized the girl to be Kali and through the void, she found her location. As she was going to tell Becky, Eleven overheard her on conversation with the Hawkins Police Station, prompting her to leave the house in order to board a bus to Chicago.

Behind the Scenes

The house used for filming the exterior shots is located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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