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Stranger Things #3 is the third issue of the Stranger Things comic series published by Dark Horse comics. The issue is the third of the four-issue miniseries and was released on November 28, 2018.[1]


Running from the Demogorgon in a twisted mirror of his own world, Will Byers still struggles to communicate with the other side. In a desperate race to stay one step ahead of the dangerous creature, Will must use all his wits to stay safe. But can he keep his friends and family safe, when he's stick in the Upside Down with no way out?


Flashbacks show Will reattempting to contact with his mother using his supercom. He enters his friend's house to come within range, but he becomes lamented to hear people in the real world conversing that his dead body was discovered by the state police. Will runs back to his house and uses the ouija board to signal that he is "not dead". He also awaits response from his supercom. But finding no reply, he begins to weep.

After falling asleep, Will dreams of an event back at the D&D campaign. He wakes up upon hearing his favorite mixtape playing. He assumes that the sound is coming from the real world and decides to check it. But he instead discovers the remnants of a portal that connected the Upside Down to the real world. When the mixtape stops, Will witnesses his terrified mother desperately trying to reach him. Conversely, the Demogorgon also appears before him. Will warns his mother that it is coming for him. Joyce assures him that she will bring him back, but urges him to run away from the monster. As the Demogorgon almost charged on Will, he escapes the house.

In the present, Will hides himself from the Demogorgon deep down in a cemetery. Regaining confidence, he returns back to his home in an endeavor to enter the portal. Surprisingly, the portal appears to be blocked. He hears his father on the other side. His father, unbeknownst that Will is trying to talk to him from the alternate dimension, seals the broken wall of the house which also seemingly blocks the portal. Frustrated at this, Will experiences an emotional breakdown. However, he is suddenly transported to Mirkwood where he finds a fatally wounded man crying out for help. Will unable to help the man, offers him solace that he will help get his friend Dale back home. The man then passes away which horrifies Will.

Correspondingly, Will hears someone shouting for his brother's help. Upon following the voice, he realizes the person to be Nancy who is also stranded here. The Demogorgon corners her, which leaves the portal open for Will. But Will knows Nancy won't make it out without his help and in order to make sure she gets out first, he distracts the monster by throwing a rock. This helps Nancy to flee back to the real world through the portal. But the portal reseals again, leaving Will stuck in the Upside Down. As he sits there in silence, the Demogorgon approaches him.


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  • Penciller Martino stated that page 14 of the issue would be a big hit for fans of the series.[2]


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