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This article is about the second issue of the comic series. For other uses, see Stranger Things (disambiguation).

Stranger Things #2 is the second issue of the Stranger Things comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. The issue is the second of the four-issue miniseries and was released on October 31, 2018.[1]


Stuck in a realm that appears only to be a dark mockery of his own, Will Byers has been forced to flee the deadly clutches of the Demogorgon. He fights for a chance to communicate with his friends and family on the other side, holding onto the hope that he can get back home.


Will tries to hide behind his bed upon seeing the Demogorgon entering his room but he keeps hearing his mother's voice through the Supercom. Believing that safety could be within his range, he decides to attack the Monster and bravely shoots with his rifle. However, the Demogorgon disappears in an instant and he is left without any ammunition.

Will, determined to warn his friends and family about the Monster, attempts to contact his mother using his Supercom but his efforts are futile. He then checks on his home phone only to hear his mother's voices again. But a sharp noise of electric surge that follows after makes the phone dysfunctional. He runs back to his room, unaware that balls of light were glowing behind him as he ran. Will reuses his Supercom but to his surprise, the mixtape in his room began to play a Clash singe. However, the Monster hears the sound and returns, causing Will to conceal himself beneath the bed. When the Demogorgon leaves, Will comes out and begins wandering the streets to find a way to contact again.

While wandering around, he hears someone screaming. Memories of the D&D campaign reminded him that it was upon the party to help the people who were in trouble. Despite knowing that danger was lying ahead, Will resolves to follow the sound and comes across the location of it's source. He discovers a pair of spectacles lying on the swimming pool and predicts that to be the unknown victim's. He hopelessly returns back home knowing that he failed to save the victim.

As he was sitting at the corner of his living room, he eventually hears his mother talking to him again. This time, he replies back. His responses somehow influence the Christmas lights, causing them to glow, through which they communicate.

After failing to answer where he was, Joyce paints alphabets on the wall which surprisingly helps Will and he reveals that he is “right here”. He becomes emotionally distraught however when he fails to explain what it meant. Upon hearing the Demogorgon's noise yet again, he warns her to “run” and flees in terror. He catches a glimpse of a portal that the Monster was opening up. But he realizes that the Monster was actually going after his mom and tries to divert the Monster into catching him.


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