The Hopper family consists of six members; Jim and Eleven, who live in Hawkins, Indiana; Diane, Bill and their child together, who live in unknown location, and Sarah, who is deceased.

Family members

Family member Notes
Jim Hopper Father of Sarah, adoptive father of Jane, ex-husband of Diane.
Diane Mother of Sarah and unnamed child with Bill, ex-wife Jim current wife Bill.
Sarah Hopper Firstborn daughter of Jim and Diane, half-sister of Diane's child with Bill and step-daughter of Bill.
Jane Hopper Adopted daughter of Jim.
Bill Current husband of Diane, father of Diane's second child and step-father of Sarah.
Diane's second child Child of Diane and Bill and half-sibling of Sarah.

Family tree

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Diane Family Tree icon 001
Jim Hopper Family Tree Icon 001
Jim Hopper
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Diane's second child
Sara Hopper Family Tree icon 001
Sara Hopper
Jane Ives Family Tree icon 001

Jane Hopper

Jim's Adopted Daughter
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