A Lakeside trailer in Hawkins, Indiana was the residence of local police chief Jim Hopper. Hopper lived in the trailer for four years until he began living with Eleven in a cabin.



Sometime after moving back to Hawkins in 1979, Jim Hopper began residing in a lakeside trailer.


After being sedated by an agent of Hawkins Lab, Hopper found himself back at his residence, his last memory being breaking into the lab. Hopper spent a relentless search through the trailer, breaking and ripping things apart, looking everywhere for a bug that the agents would use to eavesdrop on him, until he discovered it in a light.

Later on, he called his ex-wife Diane to check up on her and stated that he didn't regret the seven years they were together.

It is not exactly known what happened to Hopper's trailer after Hopper brought Eleven to his cabin in late winter of 1983 and began residing with her from then onwards.

Behind the Scenes

The filming location for the area was the lake of 2300 Daniel Road Southwest in Atlanta, Georgia.

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