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Hopper's Cabin was the residence of Jim Hopper and Eleven in Hawkins, Indiana.



The cabin originally belonged to Hopper's grandfather. At some point, Hopper began using the cabin as a storage space.


In late winter of 1983, Hopper brought Eleven to the cabin. Together, they cleaned the cabin and began residing there. To protect Eleven from being taken by the government, Hopper kept her hidden there for almost a year. He didn't allow her to leave the cabin alone and secured the place by rigging the nearby trees with tripwire.


On the evening of October 30, 1984, Hopper arrived at the cabin late from work. Eleven was irritated that he had not signaled he'd be late. They then ate dinner together. On the morning of Halloween, Eleven asked Hopper to go trick-or-treating as a ghost but Hopper refused, believing it to be too great a risk. That night, Eleven tried to contact Mike from the cabin, who was simultaneously trying to contact her, but fails.

The next day, Eleven became enraged at Hopper for continuously promising that she would leave the cabin soon and meet Mike, even though she'd been stuck there for 326 days.

That day, Eleven lost her patience and left the cabin for the first time to see Mike, though she later returned after failing to reunite with him. Hopper and Eleven got into an argument that night and in anger, Eleven experienced a psychic tantrum and shattered all the windows.

Later, as Eleven was cleaning the cabin, she found a hatch where a box labelled "Hawkins Lab" was stored. She found Terry Ives's files there and tried to contact her, who recognized her daughter and called her "Jane". As the connection broke, Eleven cried out. To visit her, Eleven left the cabin.

At Hawkins Lab, Hopper tried to use his radio to apologize to Eleven for his previous actions, wanting her to know that he didn't want her to get hurt. However, he was unaware that she had left the cabin.

After a series of events that led to Eleven reuniting with her friends, Hopper and Eleven decided to head to the lab to close the Mind Flayer's Gate. But before they did, Hopper urged Jonathan, Joyce and Nancy to take Will to the cabin to force the Mind Flayer out of Will. After exposing him to excess heat, the Mind Flayer was finally expelled and fled out of the cabin.                                                   

1984 - 1985

Even though the government's threat to Eleven had been diminished, she and Hopper continued living there, probably because it was more optimal than returning to Hopper's trailer. However, Eleven was now free to leave the place whenever she pleased to be with her friends and have them come visit her there. Hopper also had the place outfitted with new furniture, new paint, a driveway from the main road, and had the boards on the window and wiretrap removed.


On the evening of June 29, Hopper attempted to have a 'heart-to-heart' with both Mike and Eleven, with disastrous results.

The next day, Eleven went to Max‘s place to talk about Mike's odd behavior during a phone call earlier in the day. They would later leave for Starcourt Mall, only to return to the cabin later for a sleepover. After Eleven makes contact with Billy while in The Void, the two leave the following morning, only returning when relaying information to their friends about the bizarre experience, and attempt to make contact with Billy once again.

After making contact, the group learned of The Mind Flayer's possession of Billy. Returning to the cabin two days later, after a disastrous visit to Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Eleven attempted to discover the source of The Flayed, only for a Flayed Billy to discover the cabin's location. The Mind Flayer then attacked the cabin, practically destroying the roof and walls before the group would make an escape.

Three months later, the cabin stayed in a state of disrepair following Hopper's alleged death, presumably abandoned with Eleven and The Byers' leaving Hawkins.

Behind the scenes

The cabin was built specifically for the show[1] and is located on the Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, Georgia. The farm was also the location used for Merrill's rotting pumpkin patch.[2]