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The Holloway House was the residence of Mr. Holloway and Mrs. Holloway and their daughter, Heather Holloway.

In 1985, following the death of all the members of the family, it is currently unknown whether anybody resides here.



Following Heather's possession by the Mind Flayer, she systematically invited Billy Hargrove, another one of the Flayed to the house. Billy and Heather both acted normal if not a little too friendly, and Billy's personality impressed both Mr. and Mrs. Holloway. However, it is likely that they had poisoned Janet's wine, causing her to go unconscious. As Tom rushed over to her, Heather and Billy ambushed him, then later kidnapped and took them both to the Steelworks to be Flayed. After all three of the Holloways were disintegrated into the Mind Flayer's proxy body, the Holloway House was abandoned, and likely put up for sale.


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