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The Henderson House is the residence of Dustin and Claudia. It is located in Hawkins, Indiana.



It is assumed Claudia and her husband either bought or inherited the house, prior to their divorce.


The night before Halloween, when Dustin was returning home, he heard a shrieking sound from the trashcan. But he dismissed it, believing it to be his pet cat Mews. However, the following night, after coming back from trick-or-treating, he heard another noise from the trashcan. Upon investigating, he discovered a creature and took it in as his pet and named it D'Artagnan.

After a number of events at Hawkins Middle School led Will to become mysteriously possessed, Dustin returned back in an attempt to question Dart about Will. However, he discovered Dart to have eaten Mews and realized that it had grown into a baby Demogorgon. The next day, he lured Dart with a trail of meat and locked it in the storm cellar. Unable to reach his friends, he then decided to go to the Wheelers' residence to inform Mike.

On December, when everything seemingly returned to normal with the Gate being closed and Will recovered, Dustin was seen preparing for the Snow Ball in the home while Claudia cuddled with her new adopted cat, Tews.


After returning from Camp Know Where, Claudia dropped Dustin off at their residence. Believing that his friends had forgotten about his return, Dustin sat gloomily on his bed, unaware that they actually snuck into the house and planned to give him a suprise welcome home party. Eleven used her powers to draw many of his animatronic toys away from the bedroom and into the living room, and when he follows them, they sneak up behind him and suprise him. However, the plan doesn't go as they might have hoped, and Dustin ends up spraying Lucas in the face with his farrah fawcett hair spray.

Afterward, Dustin shows off his camp inventions to his friends, including Cerebro, who he goats them into helping build it so they can meet his girlfriend, Suzie, for the first time.


  • The Mondale sign in front of the house during the presidential election of 1984 indicates that the Hendersons supported the Democrat Mondale.[1]


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