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This article is about the "Dungeons & Dragons" club. For the episode, see The Hellfire Club (episode).

The Hellfire Club was a Dungeons & Dragons-oriented society of Hawkins High students headed by Eddie Munson. Many Hellfire members also played in Eddie's band, Corroded Coffin, while members Dustin, Mike and Lucas were also members of a different D&D party.

In March 1986, Eddie, serving as Dungeon Master, created and hosted the "Cult of Vecna" campaign. Shortly after this, a string of horrific murders were committed around Hawkins by an unknown person. Dustin and his friends, inspired by Eddie's campaign, dubbed the murderer "Vecna".

Jason Carver, another Hawkins High student, believed Eddie was responsible for the killings, and espoused his view that Hellfire was a Satanic cult. This narrative took hold amongst the townspeople, and following Eddie's death, news outlets falsely depicted him as a cult leader.


The Hellfire Club seems to operate the bottom of the Hawkins High food chain, due to the unique misfortunes experienced in the town due to the Upside Down and the tabloid media fear of Satanic/demonic worship among teenagers. As implied by Eddie, members are typically scouted out if they are "lost sheep" or outsiders. Eddie also implied membership came with a degree of protection, but demanded loyalty to campaign nights. Members of club both create and wear white raglan shirts with black long sleeves, finished with the Hellfire Club name and logo on the center.

Hellfire Club is hosted in a drama/theatre room, as evidenced by the stage lights, curtains and props seen around them during game night.




  • The name 'Hellfire Club' has multiple origins and meanings:
    • 'Hellfire Club' was a name for several exclusive clubs for wealthy young men established in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. The name most commonly refers to Francis Dashwood's "Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe".[2] Club members would partake in activities related to poetry, philosophy and politics, but were also popularly rumored to have engaged in Satanic worship and other immoral acts.
    • A fictional version of the 18th century Hellfire Club was depicted in the 1960s British spy series, The Avengers.
    • Marvel Comics took inspiration from the British Avengers version of 'Hellfire Club', reusing the name for a group of highly powerful and elite mutants. The Hawkins Hellfire Club probably took their name from Marvel's version.
    • The "Hellfire Club" was also the club in Hell where the battle between Choronzon and Dream in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. In the battle, they played Reality, a game where the two opponents try to turn into different things that best the other person. They were playing for Dream's helmet that was given to Choronzon as a sacrifice while Dream was trapped in the human world. [1]
  • According to costume designer Amy Parris, the shirt design, with its white base and black sleeves, is inspired by real-life D&D groups from the 1980s.