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Hawkins Public Library was located in the center of Hawkins' town square. The building prominently featured a clock tower.



Police Chief Jim Hopper and Officer Powell went to the library to research Hawkins National Laboratory. They found news articles about the lab's involvement in Project MKUltra and its participant Terry Ives, which caused Hopper to suspect Dr. Brenner for the disappearance of Will Byers.

The Demogorgon brought its victims to the Upside Down equivalent of the library, with the building appearing to function as some sort of nest. Barbara Holland and Will Byers were taken there, as well as various other unidentified victims. Though it was Barb's final resting place, Will was eventually found to be there alive by Hopper and Joyce, albeit with a tendril extending down his throat. After removing the tendril, Hopper and Joyce resuscitated him before returning home.


After Dustin discovered a strange creature, he attempted to check out several books from the library with a view to gaining more knowledge about it. But Marissa reminded that he already had too many books checked out. As Dustin found no other way, he then took away the books by distracting her.


Behind the scenes

The filming location for the exterior of the library was the Butts County Probate Court in Jackson, Georgia.

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