The Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook is a book by Matthew J. Gilbert based on Stranger Things, published by Penguin Random House. The book is intended to resemble a vintage yearbook from the '80s. It was published on March 26, 2019.


Based on Netflix’s Stranger Things, this vintage ’80s yearbook is really two books in one. First, visit the middle school in Mike Wheeler’s annual, then flip it over and feel the Tiger pride in Nancy Wheeler’s high school yearbook. Filled with class pictures, AV Club candids, lists, inscriptions, and secret notes, this is sure to fascinate fans of all ages.[1]


  • The names "Jena," "Mary Ellen" and "Maggie" are written on the Middle School yearbook, despite being unknown characters.
  • The yearbook reveals the surnames of several recurring and minor characters: Troy's surname is Walsh, Stacey's surname is Albright, James' surname is Dante, and Samantha's (the teen who was dressed as Siouxsie Sioux at the Halloween party) surname is Stone.
  • The yearbook also gives the name of the student shown chewing bubblegum in Mr. Clarke's class: Mindy Novak.
  • The yearbook lists the career goals for several of the main characters:
  • The yearbook lists the favorite class for several of the main characters:
    • Mike Wheeler: English
    • Dustin Henderson: Science
    • Lucas Sinclair: History
    • Will Byers: Art
    • Max Mayfield: Math
    • Troy Walsh: Recess
    • James Dante: "Troy took my answer, So I'll say... lunch"
    • Stacey Albright: Geography
    • Greg McCorkle: Spanish
    • Nancy Wheeler: "All of them... expect Mr. Mundy's math class"
    • Jonathan Byers: English lit
    • Billy Hargrove: Lunch
    • Steve Harrington: PE
  • The yearbook reveals what several of the characters do when not studying:
    • Mike Wheeler: "Listening to the airwaves on my walkie-talkie."
    • Dustin Henderson: "Trying to get back my high score on Dig Dug."
    • Lucas Sinclair: "Mowing lawns and making money, like a real man."
    • Will Byers: "Reading comics and playing D&D."
    • Max Mayfield: "Beating all of Dustin's high scores at the arcade."
    • Troy Walsh: "On my best behavior, I swear!"
    • James Dante: "Hanging out with Troy."
    • Stacey Albright: "Learning new dance moves."
    • Greg McCorkle: "Laughing it up."
    • Nancy Wheeler: "Searching for the truth."
    • Jonathan Byers: "Making mixtapes."
    • Billy Hargrove: "None of you business."
    • Steve Harrington: "Babysitting."
  • The yearbook lists the hobbies for several of the main characters:
    • Mike Wheeler: "Watching movies, acting as Dungeon Master."
    • Dustin Henderson: "Discovering new species, re-creating movie props at home, D&D."
    • Lucas Sinclair: "Riding bikes, playing video games, shooting my wrist rocket."
    • Will Byers: "Drawing, going to the movies."
    • Max Mayfield: "Skateboarding and dominating Dig Dug."
    • Nancy Wheeler: "Studying, swimming."
    • Jonathan Byers: "Hanging out with my little brother."
    • Billy Hargrove: "Working on my car, lifting weights, rocking out."
    • Steve Harrington: "Partying... and basketball."
  • The yearbook lists the extracurricular activities for several of the main characters:
    • Mike Wheeler: AV Club, Science Fair
    • Dustin Henderson: AV Club, Science Fair
    • Lucas Sinclair: AV Club, Science Fair
    • Will Byers: AV Club, Science Fair
    • Max Mayfield: AV Club
    • Nancy Wheeler: Honors Society, Yearbook, Snow Ball chaperone
    • Jonathan Byers: Photography Club, Yearbook, Snow Ball chaperone
    • Billy Hargrove: Basketball
    • Steve Harrington: Basketball

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