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The Hawkins Memorial Hospital was a hospital located in Hawkins, Indiana.


  • Emergency Care section



The Hawkins memorial hospital was likely the hospital that Will shortly stayed in after being rescued from the Upside Down.


In July 1985, Mrs. Driscoll was admitted in the hospital after she was found eating fertilizer. Nancy visited her while she was asleep, and noticed signs of distress and pain amongst her facial expressions, sounds, and movement. This information would make them realize later that she was indeed flayed by the Mind Flayer and was sharing Billy's pain through the hive mind.

The next day, Nancy returned with Jonathan and the party. They planned to set Ms. Driscoll free and follow her back to the source. However, when Nancy and Jonathan got up there, they were met by the flayed versions of Tom Holloway and Bruce Lowe. The two were separated and nearly killed by these flayed, but ended up slaying them instead, using the pain-sharing hive mind to their advantage. When it all appeared to be over, the Mind Flayer melted the two corpses and merged them, creating the Hospital Creature. The creature frantically chased Nancy and cornered her into a room, where she would have been killed if Eleven hadn't come at that exact minute to fling the monster out the window and onto the hospital parking lot. The party then chased after the monster, but it managed to escape through the town sewers.

During the attack, the hospital staff were most likely killed or had escaped, with the exception being the secretary, who had remained in an area away from the chaos during the encounter.


  • The filming location for the hospital in the first season was 2813 E Point Street East Point, GA [1] In the third season, Emory University Hospital, 3949 S. Cobb Street, Smyrna, GA was used as a location.