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Hawkins High School is the high school in the town of Hawkins. It is located next to Hawkins Middle School. Its football team is the Tigers, corresponding to the middle school's team, the Cubs.



Jim Hopper attended Hawkins High School along with Joyce Byers and Bob Newby.


The school had an assembly on the football field following the vanishing of Will Byers.


The day after Halloween, the school basketball teams hosted a friendly match among themselves at the gym, in which Billy's team easily outplayed Steve's.


The kids went on summer vacation so they had no reason to visit Hawkins High or attend school. Steve also managed to graduate from Hawkins High, but due to not having the grades to go to college, he was forced by his father to get a job at the newly built Starcourt Mall's ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy.


Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max are now set to be freshmen, Robin being a junior, and Nancy being a senior. Mike and Dustin have also joined the school's D&D club, The Hellfire Club, ran by Eddie Munson.

Known students


Behind the Scenes

The actual filming location is the Patrick Henry High School in Atlanta, Georgia. The same location was used for Hawkins Middle School.