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An unnamed male was the head of security at Hawkins National Laboratory.



When a piece of cloth was found at the edge of a drainpipe that led to Hawkins National Laboratory, Chief of Police Jim Hopper grew suspicious, prompting him to visit the lab. The head of security escorted them around the premises, all the while dismissing their claims. He stated they would've known if a child had crawled through the pipe due to the surveillance cameras and tight security. When Hopper requested to see the surveillance footage, he obliged and led Hopper and his officers into the facility. When there was no sign of Will in the footage, he reaffirmed his statement that they would've seen him.

The head of security confronted Hopper when he broke into the laboratory. As he was calling for backup, Hopper punched him, supposedly knocking him unconscious.

After Joyce Byers and Hopper were apprehended during their attempt to break into the lab, the head of security aided in Hopper's interrogation. He shocked Hopper with a taser multiple times before threatening to inject him with drugs to make it appear as though he had overdosed, until Hopper convinced him to set up a deal with Dr. Martin Brenner.


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Memorable Quotes

  • "You're just a junkie. A small town cop who had a really bad week. Took one too many pills this time."