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Fred Benson, portrayed by Logan Riley Bruner,[1] was a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He was a student at Hawkins High School, and worked on the school newspaper.



At some point in 1985, Fred was in a car accident which killed another student. He sustained facial injuries himself in this accident, which caused a scar on his left cheek. He was wracked with guilt overnight .


Fred joined his classmate and fellow journalist Nancy Wheeler to investigate the Forest Hills Trailer Park, where Chrissy Cunningham was murdered, knowing such an event would bring his article about the Hawkins Tigers basketball team winning their tournament to shame. They were stopped by Hawkins Police before they could enter the trailer park, at which point Vecna began to manipulate Fred's mind. Fred hallucinated that the officer was saying that Fred was a murderer, and he watched in horror as the officer's face become disfigured. In his vision, he felt the scar on his own face grew larger and more obvious. Suddenly, the vision ended and Fred snapped back to reality.

While Nancy was speaking to Wayne Munson about Chrissy's murder, Fred heard the ticking of a clock behind him, in the woods. Following the sound, he investigated the woods and found a coffin with a grandfather clock lying on top of it. He was suddenly surrounded by undead-looking mourners, accusing him of being a murderer. Terrified, Fred ran away.

By nightfall, Fred reached the road where the car accident had occurred the previous year, and suffered from another hallucination. He hallucinated that he was back at the accident, and that the dead man was crawling out of the burning wreckage. Alarmed, Fred stumbled backwards and fell into an open grave. Vecna then appeared, taunting him, and killed him through the same method he killed Chrissy. The following morning, Fred's corpse was found lying on the highway.

After Fred's death, both Nancy and Max Mayfield would see Fred's corpse in Vecna's Mindspace, along with the bodies of Chrissy and Patrick McKinney, bound to tall pillars by various tentacles and vines.


Fred seems to be just a stereotypical 80's nerd who is clever and yet kind-hearted. However, he showed quite a bit of wit and snark towards Nancy, typically in regard to Jonathan Byers. He was intelligent and passionate for journalism, to the point that Nancy invites him along to investigate the murder of Chrissy, with her. Unlike the reporters at the Hawkins Post, Fred treated Nancy with respect. Though Fred appears to be bright and level-headed, he harbors extreme guilt for his role in the fatal 1985 car accident, and believes many people look at him as a "murderer." This guilt and mental unrest made him a target of Vecna.


Nancy and Fred seem to have a positive working relationship, as both work on Hawkins High School's The Weekly Streak newspaper. They seem to have enough of a positive friendship for her to invite him along, to investigate the death of Chrissy Cunningham. He annoys her with his questions about her relationship to Jonathan. After they arrive at the scene, he is lead to the woods by Vecna and Nancy becomes worried. When Fred's corpse is found, along the highway, she is visibly distraught. She is also shocked to find his strung-up corpse within Vecna's mindspace, when she is possessed, days later.


Season Four appearances
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*Corpse can be seen/flashback

Memorable Quotes

To Nancy: "Somebody is testy! Curious."



  • Fred shares the same name of the one of main characters from the Nickelodeon/Paramount Plus show, iCarly, as well as a professional soccer player.
  • Fred is similar to Barbara Holland, in that the two are unpopular friends of Nancy Wheeler - who feels guilt for how she treated them leading up to their own deaths. Fred’s death likely triggered Nancy’s PTSD in regards to Barb’s, which made her susceptible to Vecna’s thrall in Papa.