Francine, also known as Six, is the central character in Stranger Things: Six, a four-issue comic miniseries. She is a Hawkins Lab test subject with precognitive abilities.[1]


Early life: 1970-1977

One night in 1970 while Francine and her mother were heading home, Francine suddenly had a premonition that a tree would fall and crush them. She screamed for her mother to stop, seconds before the tree fell saving them both.

From that moment onward, Francine’s parents took advantage of her precognitive abilities. On one occasion in 1974, her father pressured her into predicting the lottery numbers, however, she was one number off. This angered her father, and she assured him she would try harder.

Eventually, her efforts paid off and in 1976, she and her parents bought and moved to a new house. While unloading some items from the moving truck, she met Ricky, her neighbor. The two eventually became close; at one point in 1977 following a fight with her mother, she went over to Ricky’s house. At an unknown time, Ricky left unexpectedly, leaving Francine to wonder if she would ever see him again.

Life at Hawkins Lab

Sometime in or before 1978, she enlisted in a program at Hawkins National Laboratory where she would undergo several trials under the supervision of Dr. Martin Brenner. During one of these trials, Brenner noted that her accuracy was lower than usual before insisting that she was not like other people.

Once the trial had ended, she unexpectedly met Ricky on the way to her room. She became furious upon discovering that he was also in the program and quickly made her way to her room without another word. It was there that she saw another premonition of a portal with the hand of a creature emerging from it. She played her distress off as being scared by a spider in order not to arouse suspicion from Brenner, who was watching her through the monitors.

Later, during dinner in the cafeteria, Ricky approached Francine. Discovering that Ricky had already been in the program when he met her, she believed he had been deceiving her. He assured her that he was trying to protect her and unsuccessfully tried to convince her that the lab was the safest place for people like them.

That night, Francine had a vision where she was standing in an abandoned Hawkins Lab, one covered in vines and spores, where she witnesses a monster approaching her, before suddenly waking up in her bed.


  • Precognition - Francine possesses precognition, an ability that lets her see visions of the future.


Volume 2 appearances
Stranger Things: SIX Issue 1 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 2 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 3 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 4


  • There are some inconsistencies regarding her appearance; on the cover for the first issue, she is shown to have brunette hair and green eyes. However, in the actual comic, she has red hair and brown eyes.
  • Francine does not have powers that have to do with the mind; as she can see into the future.


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