Francine, also known as Six, is the central character in Stranger Things: Six, a four-issue comic miniseries. She is a Hawkins Lab test subject with precognitive abilities.[1]


Early life: 1970-1977

One night in 1970 while Francine and her mother were heading home, Francine suddenly had a premonition that a tree would fall and crush them. She screamed for her mother to stop, seconds before the tree fell saving them both.

From that moment onward, Francine’s parents took advantage of her precognitive abilities. On one occasion in 1974, her father pressured her into predicting the lottery numbers, however, she was one number off. This angered her father, and she assured him she would try harder.

Eventually, her efforts paid off and in 1976, she and her parents bought and moved to a new house. While unloading some items from the moving truck, she met Ricky, her neighbor. The two eventually became close; at one point in 1977 following a fight with her mother, she went over to Ricky’s house. At an unknown time, Ricky left unexpectedly, leaving Francine to wonder if she would ever see him again.

Life at Hawkins Lab

Sometime in or before 1978, she enlisted in a program at Hawkins National Laboratory where she would undergo several trials under the supervision of Dr. Martin Brenner. During one of these trials, Brenner noted that her accuracy was lower than usual before insisting that she was not like other people.

Once the trial had ended, she unexpectedly met Ricky on the way to her room. She became furious upon discovering that he was also in the program and quickly made her way to her room without another word. It was there that she saw another premonition of a portal with the hand of a creature emerging from it. She played her distress off as being scared by a spider in order not to arouse suspicion from Brenner, who was watching her through the monitors.

Later, during dinner in the cafeteria, Ricky approached Francine. Discovering that Ricky had already been in the program when he met her, she believed he had been deceiving her. He assured her that he was trying to protect her and unsuccessfully tried to convince her that the lab was the safest place for people like them.

That night, Francine had a vision where she was standing in an abandoned Hawkins Lab, one covered in vines and spores, where she witnesses a monster approaching her, before suddenly waking up in her bed.

The next day, as she was reading in the library, Ricky came to her and asked if he could talk to her, saying that it would be easier to clear things up with Jamie and Marcy chiming in. Francine begrudgingly accepted, and allowed Ricky to sit next to her. She asked why he was in the program, to which Ricky replied that he has the ability to manipulate people's emotions and make people trust him. Francine accused him of using these powers to manipulate her and said that she couldn't trust him after he lied to her, tossing the book she was reading at him and leaving the room. On her way back to her room, she passed by a playroom, where Jamie and Marcy asked her to come play with them. Six asked them what they were building, and Jamie replied that they were building a castle. Francine asked them if they miss being out in the real world instead of Hawkins Lab, and they responded by saying they don't remember much about their life before Hawkins, since they were very young, but that they are curious about it. They proceed to tell Francine about how they remember going to a large toy store, with a very big dollhouse in the window. Marcy got a little stuffed rabbit, and Jamie got a stuffed lamb. While they were talking, Dr. Brenner appeared behind them and asked them what they were discussing. He then asked Six to come with him. During the walk, Brenner told Francine to not remind them about the outside, and that as long as they are part of the program, they are required to stay in the lab. He then told six about how Jamie and Marcy were trapped in a similar upbringing to Francine's, and that their house later burned down.

Brenner then took Francine to sit in on an experiment where a young girl knocked over a deck of cards without touching them. Brenner told Francine that this girl is named Eleven, and that she will eventually understand the importance of the lab, telling Francine that Hawkins Lab is far from the only program in the world similar to it. Francine then told Dr. Brenner about how she felt that something bad was coming, and if Dr. Brenner knew anything about that. Brenner stated that he did not know what she was talking about, but that there was a way for them to find out. He then took Francine to a still under construction wing of the lab and showed her a large sensory deprivation tank.

A few days later, Francine was submerged into the tank at the direction of Dr. Brenner, stating that it was necessary to unlock her full potential. While in the tank, Francine had a series of disturbing visions, witnessing a creepy monster, flashing alarms, a flat line on an electrocardiogram machine, light shining out of a door, Eggo waffles, Christmas lights, and a puddle of blood. Francine began panicking, and the scientists quickly pulled her out of the tank. Dr. Brenner rushed over to her with a clipboard, and asked her to describe everything that she saw. Francine claimed that she saw waffles, and said that she thought it was because she was hungry, causing Brenner to storm off.

Later at diner, Ricky came over to Francine and said that he approved Francine lying to Brenner. Francine then asked whether Ricky was going in the tank, which Ricky said was unlikely. Jamie then interjected that Brenner said she could enter the tank if she showed enough progress. Later that day, as Francine was walking somewhere with a lab worker, Ricky came over and asked if he could talk to her. When the lab worker objected to this, Ricky then used his powers to persuade the worker, saying that it was important. Ricky then collapsed against the wall, blood coming out of his nose. Francine carried Ricky to an empty bathroom that didn't have a security camera, where Ricky asked Francine about how she's doing. Francine told Ricky about how she feels that something bad is coming, and that she still didn't trust him, after which they proceeded to kiss.

The next day, Dr. Brenner, Marcy, Ricky, and Francine sat in on a test Jamie was about to take that involved heating up coal doused in flammable liquid. As Jamie began trying to heat up the coal, Francine had a vision in where she saw a drop of blood land in a puddle of blood. Francine yelled for them to stop the experiment, but it was too late. A lab technician screamed and pounded on the glass, his face covered in blisters. Jamie was bleeding from the nose and eyes, a puddle of blood forming on the table, telling herself that she was almost there before passing out in the chair, failing to ignite the coal. Jamie was then placed in the Hawkins Lab hospital, and Brenner told Francine and Ricky that they can visit her again later.

Later that day, Brenner visited Francine and told her that they believe Jamie lost control of her powers and heated up the warmest spot in the room, in this case the lab technician. Francine then asked why they weren't shutting down the program, and Brenner responded that this is proof that the program should continue, telling Francine that she could have saved Jamie, and that with more training, she could save more lives and stop more tragedies, asking Francine if she understood, to which Francine begrudgingly said she did.

At dinner, Francine sat down next to Ricky and shoved a piece of paper into his lap. They then both looked at each other before going back to eating. Ricky looked down at the piece of paper, which read "WE'RE GETTING OUT OF HERE".

That night, Francine had a dream in which she was walking down the Hawkins Lab hallway, covered in vines and debris. She heard a weird sound, and then suddenly a door at the end of the hallway burst open, showing a human figure with the head of a monster pointing a gun at her. Francine then woke up in her bed with a smile on her face.

The next day, Francine sat down next to Ricky in the cafeteria and reminded him of their plan, which Ricky said he was ready for. After they were done eating, a lab worker approached the two of them, telling Francine that Brenner wanted her in the sensory deprivation tank in thirty minutes. Francine said that she was not feeling hot and asked if they could postpone, with Ricky stating that he thought she was going to puke on him during breakfast. The lab worker joked that he knew they were in love, and said that maybe he could schedule a date for them later. Francine then bit her tongue, causing her to fall to the ground and begin coughing up blood. Ricky used this as a distraction to head back to his room. Francine was placed in the hospital bed next to Jamie, and asked Marcy how she was doing. 9.5 then stated that her sister's real name is Jamie, and that her's is Marcy, and that she wasn't sure if Jamie was going to wake up. Francine then told Marcy to come over to her, and told Marcy that she'll watch out for her and make sure nothing happens to her. Marcy responded by pointing out that Francine is stuck in a hospital bed, and Francine told her to lie next to her, which Marcy did, stating that now she was stuck in a hospital bed as well, after which they both went to sleep. A few hours later, Francine woke up and told Marcy to say goodbye to her sister, as they were going to be leaving soon, and that if somebody is watching them, they can't know what she's doing. Marcy hugged her sister and said that she loved her, and then suddenly an alarm began ringing throughout the building. Francine jumped out of the hospital bed and they began running down the halls, with Francine stating that they needed to find Ricky. While they were running through the halls, Francine quickly pulled Marcy behind a corner, and they watched as a mysterious woman walked down the hallway, calling out for Jane. After she turned the corner, Francine and Marcy met up with Ricky, who stated that he didn't have any time to gather any other children.

Francine, with Ricky and Marcy in tow, ran through Hawkins Lab. Francine used her powers of precognition to see where the guards would be located and managed to make it to the parking lot through a basement area. However, before they could make it to the woods, they were stopped by Connie Frazier and a group of security guards pointing their guns at them. In a vision, Francine witnessed Ricky getting shot in the chest by a guard. Francine then turned to Ricky and yelled at him to run, and as Ricky and Marcy turned towards the forest, Francine was shot by the security guard and fell to the ground. She screamed at Ricky and Marcy to continue running, and they fled into the woods. At the same time, Dr. Brenner came out of the building, asking what was going on. After hearing that Six was down, he yelled at the guards to search the woods for Three and Control. As Francine lay in a puddle of her own blood, Brenner stood over her and said that he would find Three and 9.5 and that they would not be free for long. In response, Francine said that she changed the future and that she knows his fate, and afterwards succumbing to her injuries.


  • Precognition - Francine possesses precognition, an ability that lets her see visions of the future.


Volume 2 appearances
Stranger Things: SIX Issue 1 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 2 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 3 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 4


  • There are some inconsistencies regarding her appearance; on the cover for the first issue, she is shown to have brunette hair and green eyes. However, in the actual comic, she has red hair and brown eyes.
  • Francine does not have powers that have to do with the mind; as she can see into the future.
  • She was the first test subject to used the sensory deprivation tank before Eleven.


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