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Stranger Things was filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding towns and areas. Many of the interior sets were built and filmed on sound stages in EUE Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta.

List of filming locations

Public buildings

Image Location Setting Notes
Emory University.jpg
Emory University Briarcliff Campus, 1256 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta Hawkins National Laboratory Formerly Georgia Mental Health Institute. Interior and exterior location. Interior scenes filmed in studio.
Stockbridge School.jpg
109 South Lee Street, Stockbridge Hawkins Middle School and Hawkins High School Formerly Patrick Henry High School. Interior and exterior location.
Pray Street.jpg
45 Pray Street, Douglasville Hawkins Police Station Interior and exterior location.
Filming Location – East Point Baptist Church.jpg
East Point First Baptist Church, 2813 East Point Street, East Point Hawkins General Hospital
6501 E Church St, Douglasville, GA, 30134.jpg
6501 E Church St, Douglasville, GA Palace Arcade and Family Video Interior and exterior location.
Surfer boy pizza resturant.jpg
3476 NM-47, Los Lunas, NM Surfer Boys Pizza
E7fg32 WYAQV2n6.jpg
Eldorado High School, 11300 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM Lenora Hills High School
Americana Motel Filming Location.png
Americana Motel, 5908 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM Americana Motel Interior and exterior location.
Rink O Mania Filming Location.png
Skate-O-Mania, 400 Paisano St NE, Albuquerque, NM Rink O Mania Interior and exterior location.
Yuri's Fish Nfly Filming Location.jpg
Kyviškės Airport, Kyviškės, Lithuania Yuri's Fish Nfly
Lukiškės Prison, Lukiškių skg. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania Kamchatka Prison Interior and exterior location.
Mary Hall, Berry College.jpg
Mary Hall, Viking Way, Mt Berry, GA Pennhurst Mental Hospital Interior and exterior location. Victor Creel's Cell is filmed in studio.


Image Location Setting Notes
Town square on Mulberry Street, 2nd Street and Oak Street, Jackson Downtown Hawkins
Filming Location – Butts County Probate Court.jpg
Butts County Probate Court, Jackson Public Library Exterior location. Entrance on 2nd St rear end.
Old East Point Library, 2777 McGee Way, East Point Public Library Interior location.
Filming Location – Jackson Drug.jpg
Jackson Drug, 4 2nd Street, Jackson Melvald’s General Store Joyce's work place, where she buys phones and lights in Chapters One and Two.
Filming Location – 2nd Street Jackson.jpg
2nd Street, Jackson Street. Radio Shack, Royal Furniture Co. Kids bike down street.
Filming Location – 2nd and Oak Street.jpg
Corner of 2nd and North Oak Street, Jackson Hawk (Theatre) Furniture store. Marquee added for production.
Filming Location – North Oak Street.jpg
North Oak Street, Jackson Street. Hawkins Water & Sewer Authority Joyce and Jonathan's fight in Chapter Four.
Alleyway from Season 1.png
Alley between West 2nd Street and West 3rd Street, Jackson Alley Steve and Jonathan’s fight.


Wills house.jpg
149 Coastline Rd, Fayetteville, GA, USA Byers House From Season 1 to season 3
Filming location - Wheeler house.jpg
2530 Piney Wood Lane, East Point Wheeler House Interior scenes filmed in studio.
Filming Location - Sinclair House.jpg
2550 Piney Wood Lane, East Point Sinclair house Interior scenes filmed in studio.
Filming location - Henderson house.jpg
2886 Piney Wood Drive, East Point[1] Henderson House Interior scenes filmed in studio.
Holland Residents Filming Location.png
2980 Piney Wood Drive, East Point[1] Holland house
Filming Location - Harrington House.jpg
8253 Carlton Road, Riverdale Harrington house Interior and exterior location; Steve's bedroom scenes likely filmed in studio.
5280 Moore Street, Stone Mountain Hargrove house Interior and exterior location.
Lonnie Byers House Filming Location.png
930 Garibaldi Street SW, Atlanta Lonnie Byers' House Jonathan visited in Chapter Two.
Byers House California Filming Location.png
 13212 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA Byer's New House Byer's and Eleven moved to this house After season 3
906 E 2nd Ave, Rome, GA, USA Creel House Interior and exterior location.
Bingham Residences Filming Location.png
835 Oakdale Rd NE, Atlanta, GA Bingham House Interior and backyard scenes filmed in studio.
Yuri's Warehouse Filming Location.png
St. Nicholas Church, Trakų g. 75, Semeliškės, Lithuania Yuri's Warehouse Interior and exterior location.
2545 Piney Wood Lane, East Point, GA.jpg
 2545 Piney Wood Lane, East Point, GA The unnamed homeowner's house Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will trick-or-treated in the house where an unnamed homeowner lives in Trick or Treat, Freak.

Stores and businesses

Image Location Setting Notes
Filming Location – Tiffanys Kitchen.jpg
Tiffany's Kitchen, 7413 Lee Road, Lithia Springs Benny's Burgers Interior and exterior location.
Hawkins bar.png
Smokin' Cues, 112 North Berry Street, Stockbridge Hideaway Hopper confronts David O'Bannon after the discovery of Will's body.
Filming Location – Bradleys Big Buy.jpg
Bradley’s Big Buy, 504 Center Street, Palmetto Bradley's Big Buy Interior and exterior location.
Filming Location – Fair Mart.jpg
Fair Mart, 7703 US-78, Winston Fair Mart Where Steve confronted his friends. Demolished after filming.
Hawkins War Zone Store Filming Location.png
507 Cobb Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA War Zone Interior and exterior location.
Gwinnett Place Mall, 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA Starcourt Mall Featured throughout Season 3.

Nature and environment

Image Location Setting Notes
Filming Location – Bellwood Quarry.jpg
Bellwood Quarry, Atlanta Sattler Quarry Where Will’s ‘body’ was found.
Tracks s1.jpg
Stone Mountain Park, 1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard, Stone Mountain Woods, Train Tracks and Pond The kids walk along the train tracks. Eleven looks at her reflection.
Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers Woods
Skull Rock Filming Location.jpg
Boat Rock Bouldering Area, Atlanta Skull Rock Eddie Munson's Hiding spot
Max's first time skateboarding Filming Location.png
Snow Park, Albuquerque, NM The Skate Park Max's skateboarding in California

Roads and streets

Image Location Setting Notes
Piney Wood Lane, East Point Mike and Lucas’ neighborhood; road by Harrington house Used for two different locations. Barb’s car parked further down street from houses.
Corner of Dogwood Trail and Flower Road, Fayetteville Road Hopper stops at phone booth as he and Joyce drive to see Terry Ives.
Filming Locations – Menefee Street.jpg
Menefee Street, Palmetto Neighborhood street Dustin and Mike ride their bikes towards Bradley’s Big Buy. Scene follows real location continuity.
Filming Location – Joppa Ln.jpg
Joppa Lane, Tucker Neighborhood street Bike chase. The kids ride down 1855.
Filming Location – Sarahs Ln.jpg
Sarahs Lane, Tucker Elm and Cherry streets Bike chase, the kids meet up with Lucas. Van flips between houses at 3782 and 3788.


Image Location Setting Notes
Bethany Cemetery.png
Bethany Cemetery, Rivers Road, Fayetteville Cemetery Funeral of Will Byers' fake body.
2461 McAlpine Terrace, East Point Neighborhood; Lookout point to Wheeler House Hopper and Nancy look at Wheeler house through binoculars.
Rimborn Steel Works.png
2903 RN Martin Street East Point, GA Brimborn Steel Works The Brimborn Steel Works is an abandoned steel mill located in Hawkins, Indiana.
Junkyard in Lenora Hills.png
Memorial speedway Go kart Track, Los Picaros Rd SE, Albuquerque, NM Junkyard in Lenora Hills, California This is where Johnathan and Argyle played golf in Episode 2 of Season 4