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You can't spell America without Erica.

–Erica Sinclair, July 2 1985

Erica Sinclair, portrayed by Priah Ferguson, is a recurring character in the second season and a main character in the third and fourth seasons of Stranger Things. An unofficial seventh member of the Party, she is the younger sister of Lucas Sinclair.

In 1984, she spent the months of October and November tormenting her brother, making fun of his Ghostbusters costume, touching his radio and action figures without his permission, and teasing his crush on Max Mayfield.

In the summer of 1985, following the town's Starcourt Mall opening, Erica would spend her days with her posse of friends harassing Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington for free ice cream samples at the mall's ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy. She is soon asked by Steve, Robin, and Lucas' best friend Dustin Henderson to climb through the mall's vents to investigate the mall's supplies that withhold Russian weapons. Erica agrees in exchange from free ice cream for life. This simple task proves to be anything but, as the quartet discover a large Russian base underneath the mall attemptong to open a portal to another dimension, a portal she discovers her brother and friends have battled to keep closed for the last two years. While assisting Dustin, she soon discovers that she holds nerd-like qualities with her love of My Little Pony, politics, and skills in math. Though Erica is initially in denial, Dustin tells her to embrace in. After escaping the base, she soon assists her brother and friends stopping the Mind Flayer. Three months later, Erica is given Dungeons & Dragons sets by Dustin and Lucas.



On the morning of October 31, Erica watched as Mrs. Sinclair photographed Lucas in his Ghostbusters costume. She taunted him, calling him a “nerd”.

On November 3, Erica was having breakfast with the rest of her family where her mother tried to get her not to pour too much syrup onto breakfast as Lucas asked their father for advice on how to apologize to a girl by using their mother as an example. After Lucas leaves, Erica continued pouring syrup onto her breakfast plate, only to stop when her mother gave her a stern look. Later, when Dustin was trying to contact his friends to warn them about Dart, Erica, who had sneaked into Lucas's room, was the only one to answer him. Dustin tried to explain to her the severity of the situation, however, Erica didn't listen and turned the radio off.

The next day, Erica was playing in her room when Lucas came to retrieve his toy she had taken from him. It was then that she finally revealed to Lucas that Dustin had been trying to contact him.

On the night of the Snow Ball, Erica again made fun of Lucas after she witnessed him talking in front of his mirror, practicing how to ask Max to dance.


On the night of June 28th, Erica was hanging out with her friends at the new Starcourt Mall. When Lucas, Mike, Will, and Max arrived to sneak in to see the new George Romero movie, Erica traded insults with her brother as they walked by.

Erica was a frequent customer at the Scoops Ahoy in Starcourt Mall, often abusing the ice cream parlor's free samples policy, much to the chagrin of Steve and Robin. On July 1st, Erica went back to Scoops Ahoy with her friends to eat more free ice cream samples. However, this time, Robin refuses to give Erica any samples due to her abusing Scoops Ahoy's company policy. Unfazed, Erica tries to ask for Steve so he can serve her ice cream samples, only to be told by Robin that he is busy with "spy-craft."

On July 2nd, Dustin, Steve, and Robin attempted to convince Erica to crawl through a series of air ducts connecting to a storage room allegedly holding Soviet equipment. Erica agreed to do so, but only on the condition that she receives free ice cream for life. Erica succeeded in accessing the storage room and opened the door for Dustin, Steve, and Robin, where they found mysterious, green substances encased in glass containers. Suddenly, they heard strange noises and decided to leave, intending to take a container of the green substance with them.

However, Dustin could not open the door like Erica did earlier as the buttons were not working all of a sudden. At that moment, the room was revealed to be an elevator and began descending rapidly. The group started screaming as the elevator kept going down at a fast pace. Erica and Dustin kept pushing the buttons to stop the elevator to no avail until the elevator came to a sudden stop, causing everyone to crash onto to the floor. As everyone recovered, Steve tried to open the elevator door by pushing the buttons, but Robin revealed that they could not open the door due to them being electronically locked like the loading dock door which can only be unlocked with a keycard like the Russians have.

Erica is shocked when she is yelled at by Steve after they get trapped in the elevator.

At this news, Erica starts to berate Dustin, Steve, and Robin for putting her in this situation. Erica says although she is missing a sleepover at her friend, Tina's, she explained how angry her mom would be at Dustin, Steve, and Robin for making her miss her Uncle Jack's birthday party and endangering her. Steve, having enough of Erica's attitude, snapped at her, yelling he does not care about her own problems and that they would be killed by the Russians if they remained trapped in the elevator where her mom would not find them. As Erica is taken aback by Steve's rage, Dustin suggested they climb out of the elevator due to noticing a hatch on the elevator's ceiling, only to discover they are thousands of floors below the mall, leaving them unable to climb to the surface. As a result, Erica and Dustin went to sleep as Robin and Steve tried to find another way to open the elevator door to no avail.

The next day, with everyone still stuck in the elevator, Erica decides to open the container of the green substance, only to be stopped by Robin. Erica then explained her intentions of drinking whatever was in the container by pointing out that the human body would die if it does not get enough water. Although Robin pointed out that the green substance is not water, Erica states she would rather drink than die of dehydration before she took the container back from Robin. Their conversation was soon interrupted when Robin heard some Russians driving a kart, approaching the elevator which prompted Erica and Robin to hide on the elevator roof with the boys. As they watched two Russians take some Imperial Panda boxes, Steve notices Erica holding the container of the green substance which gave him an idea on how they can escape the elevator. Once the Russians leave, Steve quickly dropped down from the elevator roof and used the container to hold the door open where Erica was the first to escape, followed by Dustin, Robin, and Steve. After Steve managed to exit the elevator, the door crushed the container, revealing green substance to be radioactive material when dissolves into the floor. Erica is jokingly asked by Robin if she still wants to drink the contaminated substance before Dustin reveals they have entered an underground base. With no other options, Erica joins Dustin, Robin, and Steve in entering the base.


Erica is the somewhat typical annoying and little sister to Lucas and a source of irritation to him. She constantly calls him weird and annoying due to his nerdiness and for the same reason isn't fond of Lucas' friends, thus barely showing any respect to them. She has her own set of friends that she hangs out with, particularly abusing the sample privileges of Scoop's Ahoy, an ice cream shop in Starcourt Mall. However, despite her abject disapproval of nerds, Dustin points out her gift for mathematics, her knowledge of politics and her interest in My Little Pony made her just as nerdy as he was. It's also implied she sneaks into his room and steals his stuff, such as Lucas' He-Man action figure. Additionally, while she does not doubt the existence of the Upside Down and the creatures that come from it after Dustin explains them to her, she initially refused to believe that Lucas was involved with either of them until he helped save her from the Russians. She is also incredibly self-centered, choosing to help Dustin, Steve and Robin infiltrate the Russian base beneath Starcourt Mall due to the promise of free ice cream, rather than an innate patriarchal spirit. In the end, however, she softens up to the gang and the boys give Erica their Dungeons and Dragons set.



Erica seems to have a good relationship with her mother though she does criticize Erica for teasing her brother and eating too much junk food.

Although not much interaction is shown between the two of them, Erica is implied to have a good relationship with her dad.

Erica would taunt her older brother Lucas and annoy him, becoming a source of irritation for him. In 1985, when Erica learned about Lucas and his friends' encounters with the Upside Down and its monsters, she did not believe that Lucas was involved in any of it despite believing everything that happened. That changed, however, when Lucas came to her rescue at Starcourt Mall. Though Erica still annoyed Lucas, the two worked together in defeating the Mind Flayer and closing the Gate. Three months later, Erica was given all of her brother's and friends' D&D set which she accepted; hinting the two would grow a better relationship with each other and that Erica would accept her nerdiness.


Erica was very dismissal to her older brother's friends, including Dustin Henderson. When Dustin tried to get in touch with Lucas to inform him about D'Artagnan, Erica did not bother to help Dustin and turned off Lucas's Supercom.

However, in 1985, they soon formed a friendship when Dustin requested Erica's help in discovering a secret Russian base underneath Starcourt Mall. Erica did not bother believing Dustin about Upside Down and its monsters, despite not believing her brother to have witnessed all of it. When Dustin found out Erica was a nerd, Dustin would playfully call her a nerd, much to her annoyance as he slowly convinced her to accept it. The two worked together in rescuing Steve and Robin from the Russians and then protecting and caring for them after they were drugged with truth serum. Erica did not believe the existence of Dustin's girlfriend, Suzie until he confirmed her existence by contacting on Cerebro. As Dustin and Suzie sang Neverending Story, Erica was shocked and out of annoyance, ended their transmission after Suzie gave out Planck's constant and the two started expressing their love for each other. Three months later, Erica is shown to still be on friendlier terms with Dustin as she was given the Party's D&D sets.

After the opening of Starcourt Mall, Erica became a frequent customer at Scoops Ahoy where she kept asking for samples of different flavors of ice cream, much to the annoyance of Scoops Ahoy employee, Robin Buckley. When Dustin couldn't fit into the air vents to get to the secret room at the mall guarded by the Russians, Erica was asked by Robin to help them as she was small enough to fit through the vents. Erica, agreed to help, on the condition that she gets free ice cream for life, which Robin accepted. As Erica climbed through the vent, Robin guided Erica to the secret room and seemed relieved when Erica made it out of the vent and entered the room safe and sound. When trapped in the secret Russian base underneath Starcourt, Robin helped Erica and Dustin escape when they were spotted by Russians, leaving Robin and Steve to be captured. However, Erica and Dustin managed to come to Robin and Steve's rescue and escape the base together, as they protecting the older teens as they were drugged with truth serum until they were cured. Both Robin and Erica continued to work together in helping stop the Mind Flayer.

After the opening of Starcourt Mall, Erica became a frequent customer at Scoops Ahoy where she kept asking for samples of different flavors of ice cream. It's possible she irritated Steve for taking advantage of Scoops Ahoy's free ice cream samples, much like she did with Robin. However, when Robin asked for Erica's help to crawl through the air ducts to a secret room that the Russians occupied, Steve agreed to the idea and was willing to give Erica free ice cream treats, in exchange for her cooperation. Once Erica arrived to the room safe and sound, Steve gave out a sigh of relief. However, after becoming trapped in the room which turned out to be an elevator, Erica started to blame Steve and the others for putting her this situation, only to be taken aback when Steve snaps at her, saying that he doesn't care and they would be dead if they remain trapped in the elevator, much to Erica's shock. When exploring he secret Russian base underneath Starcourt, Steve helped Erica and Dustin escape when they were spotted by Russians, leaving him and Robin to be captured. However, Erica and Dustin managed to come to their rescue and escape the base together, protecting the older teens as they were drugged with truth serum until they were cured. Both Steve and Erica continued to work together in helping stop the Mind Flayer.


Season Two appearances
MADMAX Trick or Treat, Freak The Pollywog
Will the Wise Dig Dug The Spy
The Lost Sister The Mind Flayer The Gate
Season Three appearances
Suzie, Do You Copy? The Mall Rats The Case of the Missing Lifeguard The Sauna Test
The Flayed E Pluribus Unum The Bite The Battle of Starcourt
Video Game Appearances
Stranger Things 3: The Game
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Mr. Sinclair
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Mrs. Sinclair
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Lucas Sinclair
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Memorable Quotes

I've got a code for you instead. It's called Code:"Shut your mouth".
Erica to Dustin, "Dig Dug", 1984
"You can't spell "America" without "Erica".
Erica To Dustin Henderson, "The Sauna Test", 1985
"Isn't it time for you to die?"
Erica to Lucas Sinclair, "Suzie, Do You Copy?", 1985
"I'm ten, you bald bastard!"
Erica to Murray Bauman, "The Battle of Starcourt", 1985
"God, you are such a nerd. No wonder you only hang out with boys."
Erica to Lucas Sinclair, "Trick or Treat, Freak", 1984
"Commence Operation: Child Endangerment."
Erica to Robin, Dustin and Steve, "The Sauna Test", 1985


  • Erica does not agree with Communism as an ideology and favors Capitalism, which is why she bargained for her lifetime ice cream supply.
  • Erica is talented at solving equations mentally.
  • Erica owns a My Little Pony backpack and enjoys the show itself.
  • Erica is the second youngest sister of a member of the Party; after Holly Wheeler. However, Erica is older than Holly and learned about the Upside Down and its inhabitants while Holly noticed them, but was ignored.
  • Erica became the second main character to be black skinned after her brother when she joined the main cast in Season 3.
  • Erica is the second character in the series to make their debut as a recurring character before returning as a main character, following Joe Keery's character Steve Harrington, who made his debut in Season 1 as a recurring character before being promoted to a main character in Season 2.
    • Erica is followed by Brett Gelman's character Murray Bauman, who made his debut in Season 2 as a recurring character, before being promoted to a main character in Season 4.


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