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Eduardo Franco is a American actor who portrays Argyle in Stranger Things Season 4


Franco is best known for his roles as Spencer Diaz in American Vandal and Theo in Booksmart. His film credits also include the following:

  • Jeremy Abelar in The Package (2018)
  • Theo in Booksmart (2019)
  • Security Guard in Labeled (2019)
  • Andrew in The Binge (2020)
  • Todd in Superintelligence (2020)
  • Mike in We Broke Up (2021)
  • Greg in Queenpins (2021)
  • Pako in Koati (2021)

Franco has also appeared in many television shows, including these credits:

  • Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything (Stu, 7 episodes)
  • Adam Ruins Everything (Gavis, 4 episodes)
  • American Vandal (Spencer Diaz, 6 episodes)
  • The Skinny (Jose, Episode: "Squad")
  • You're the Worst (Justin, Episode: "The Inherent, Unsullied Qualitative Value of Anything")
  • Good Game (Gamer, Episode: "Everyone Calls Everyone Else a Nazi")
  • Lady Dynamite (Spider, Episode: "Goof Around Gang")
  • The Cool Kids (Kevin the Delivery Clerk, Episode: "Pilot")
  • Those Who Can't (Kevin, Episode: "You Can't Go Homecoming Again")
  • Gabby's Dollhouse (DJ Catnip, starting from episode "Hamster Kitties")
  • Conan (Jacob the Intern, Episode: "Kumail Nanjiani")

Personal Life

Franco was born in Yuma, Arizona to Mexican parents. Growing up, he often traveled to Mexico to visit family.[1]


  • When Franco was sixteen, he got a job at a movie theater in order to save up for a car, but never ended up getting it because, instead, he gave that money to his parents to help them pay bills. They are very supportive of his acting career.[1]
  • Franco originally read for a different role in Booksmart, but director Olivia Wilde came up with a new character just for him in order to incorporate him into the film.[1]