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Edward "Eddie" Munson, portrayed by Joseph Quinn[3], was a main character in Stranger Things, being introduced in the fourth season. He was the leader of the Hellfire Club, the official D&D club of Hawkins High School, and an electric guitar player in his band Corroded Coffin.



Eddie was a full-on nonconformist metalhead. He was hated by those who don't understand him, but loved by those who did.[4] Eddie enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and has considerable knowledge on the game. He was the head of the Hellfire Club. Because of his devotion to Dungeons & Dragons, Eddie refused to cancel any campaigns and would force the members of his club to seek out new substitutes to play if a member of the club was unable to attend on any particular evening.

Eddie struggled in school, likely due to his eccentric personality rather than low intelligence, and was implied to have bad grades in his classes. In spite of this, Eddie was still determined to graduate by 1986. He had a knowledge on drug use, for which he was sought out for, but could be friendly enough to offer a discount.

Eddie was also noted to harbor a dislike towards popular groups, such as the Hawkins High basketball team and its captain, Jason Carver. Despite this, Eddie was very kind towards Chrissy Cunningham, a popular cheerleader and Jason's girlfriend; implying he was fundamentally a good-hearted person and was likely responding to the demonization of his favorite game. Additionally, it's seen he was quick to frustration and irritation, but for the most part, could get along with those outside his immediate group of friends.

He was shown to have a passion for music ever since he had begun playing the guitar, recognizing and making rock and metal references that others didn’t understand, such as to Steve Harrington. His references are often used to figure out the situations around him. Eddie expressed his passions through his style and room.

Eddie was very cowardly as he was extremely horrified when Chrissy and Patrick McKinney were killed by Vecna, causing him to run away and become a suspect in their murders. However, when those closest to him are in danger, Eddie was willing to come to their rescue and upon realizing the Demobats would enter the real world if he entered through the gate in his trailer, Eddie sacrificed himself to draw them away and made Dustin Henderson to look after any more outcasts at Hawkins High School before dying in Dustin's arms.



Little is known of their dynamic. Despite his unruliness, Wayne does not believe Eddie was capable of any of the killings and believes that his nephew is a good kid. He knows people think Eddie is a freak, but cares deeply for his nephew and states it is not in Eddie's nature to commit murder. While Eddie is above the age of 18, it is presumed that Wayne had been Eddie's legal guardian. Eddie states his uncle works long hours at "the plant" in order to provide for their meager household but does not specify the nature of this job.


Eddie first met Chrissy in middle school during one of his band performances. Over time, Chrissy forgot about him as she became more popular socially, but Eddie still remembered her as they started attending Hawkins High School in 1986. On March 21, Eddie met up with Chrissy in the woods and offered to sell her some drugs. However, as Chrissy was experiencing shock from her recent frightening visions, Eddie became apprehensive and was about to leave before Chrissy asked him if he had ever felt as if he was “losing his mind.” to which Eddie jokingly replied, “on a daily basis.” He then joked that he hadn’t expected Chrissy, the "queen of Hawkins High", to do a drug deal with him. He and Chrissy talked about how they had hung out before and laughed together like good friends. In the end, he gave her a discount on the drugs he was selling to her and when she asked if he had anything stronger than that to ease her mind, Eddie was quick to say he did.

After finishing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with his friends, Eddie took Chrissy to his home to give her the drug she asked for. However, after Eddie found the drug, he became concerned for Chrissy when he saw her standing in a catatonic state. Eddie then watched in horror as Chrissy levitated in the air and was brutally murdered. Afterwards, Eddie became traumatized over Chrissy's death and guilty for not having been able to help her.

Both Jason and Eddie have had what seems to be a long rivalry. The two have a strong disliking of each other, especially now in senior year due to differing social cliques, alongside Jason's almost cult-like mindset with his basketball team.

Jason and Eddie, as of what is known currently, started out with a boiling hatred of Eddie's extroverted behavior where, in the lunchroom, Eddie called out multiple social groups and began to compare them before slowly flipping Jason off. Later on, Jason referred to Eddie multiple times as a freak and Satanist, due to his involvement in the Hellfire Club. Jason then became even more obsessed with Eddie once he discovered Chrissy was murdered in Eddie's trailer. Jason then gathered his basketball team in order to hunt Eddie down, and they eventually did (in Chapter 5). Eddie and Jason engaged in a borderline fight, where Jason followed Eddie out onto the water with his teammate, Patrick McKinney. The two didn't exchange words but the situation had a silent tension of hatred, primarily with Jason. Once Jason witnessed Patrick die, he still believed that it was Eddie's doing, and blamed D&D for his connection to Satan, genuinely believing that Eddie had supernatural powers. After this, they parted, but Jason was still hellbent on finding him, and instructed the entire town to hunt down Eddie and the Hellfire Club members.

The two had no clue of each other's existence when Dustin was in middle school, but as soon as Dustin joined high school, Eddie had been looking for new members of the Hellfire club, which conveniently led him to Dustin. Dustin had been sitting with Mike at a lunch table when Eddie first spotted him and plucked him from the crowd, alongside Mike, essentially adopting them for his duration of his senior year. Eddie quickly took to Dustin, and somewhat replaced Steve from his role as Dustin's "babysitter," due to the fact he took a somewhat parental role for Dustin, protecting him in Hawkins High.

Similarly to Dustin, he was taken in by Eddie at the start of his freshman year in Hawkins High. The two didn't have as much as a close bond that Dustin does, but Eddie did mention that he saw Mike and Dustin as potential for the future game-masters of Hellfire Club. Otherwise, not much was mentioned on how close they are, especially due to Mike being in California with his girlfriend over spring break.

Eddie and Erica first have a standoffish vibe towards each-other, especially at the end of semester campaign, where Eddie mentions Erica's infamy amongst the group due to Lucas most likely whining about her- but after some time the two warm up to each other. Eddie is surprised by her skill for D&D, and especially her luck with her D20 rolls, as she wins alongside her brother for the night. The two don't talk too much after, besides his congratulations to her, but she does still point out Lucas, Max, and Dustin lying to the cops and their parents for him, so it doesn't say that they established much of a friendship until the story is explained to her and she helps the group save him, Nancy, Robin and Steve.

Eddie also has a standoffish vibe with Steve, primarily due to the tension of them both being protective parental figures to Dustin. The two have slight moments of clashing, mainly when Steve shows an impatience for Eddie gathering things, and even when Eddie throws his jean jacket at Steve so Nancy and Steve will stop flirting.

After some time, the two have a somber exchange where the two explain the conflicting feelings of anger for each-other. Both were threatened by the other, due to the fact that Dustin spoke highly of both of them to the other, which made the other worried if they are being replaced. Eddie even goes to compliment Steve, saying he is like "Ozzy Osbourne," due to his killing of a Demobat. Eddie also points out the care that Nancy and Robin have for Steve, saying that Steve should go for Nancy if anything.

While Eddie was initially annoyed by Lucas prioritizing his basketball commitments over those to the Hellfire Club, Lucas considered Eddie a friend and vouched for his and Hellfire’s character when they were labeled Satanists. When he learned that Jason Carver had plans to lead a vigilante posse against Eddie, Lucas - knowing of Eddie’s innocence - regrouped with Dustin, Max, Steve, Nancy, and Robin to aide a fugitive Eddie.


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Memorable Quotes


  • "Her body, just like, lifted up into the air. And uh... and she just like, hung there, in the air. And then her bones- uh,... her bones started to snap. Her eyes, man, it was like there was something, like, inside her head, pulling. I didn't know what to do so I... I ran away. I left her there. ... You all think I'm crazy, right?"
  • "So uh, this place is like Hawkins with monsters and nasty shit?"

Eddie to The Hellfire Club:

  • “Studies link violent behavior to the game, saying it promotes satanic worship, ritual sacrifice, sodomy, suicide, and even... murder!"
  • "We're the freaks because... we like to play a fantasy game? But as long as you're into band, or science, or parties, or a game where you toss balls into laundry baskets! It's forced conformity. That's what's killiiiiing the kiiiiids! That's the real monster."
  • "I am army crawling my way toward a D in Ms. O'Donall's. If I don't blow her final, I'm gonna walk that stage next month. I'm gonna look Principal Higgins dead in the eye, I'm gonna flip him the bird, I'm gonna snatch that diploma, and I'm gonna run like hell outta here!"
  • "Yeah, yeah, and I was full of shit! This year's different. This year is my year. I can feel it. ‘86 baby!"
  • "You are scared. You're tired. You are injured. Do you flee Vecna and his cultists? Or do you stand your ground and fight?"
  • "There is no shame in running. Don't try to be heroes. Not today.”

Eddie to Chrissy:

  • "I feel like I'm losing my mind right now. Doing a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham. The queen of Hawkins High."
  • "You should come see us. We play in the hideout on Tuesdays. It's pretty cool. We actually got a crowd of about five drunks."
  • "Chrissy? Chrissyyy? Hello? Chrissy! K, Chrissy, wake up! Hey... hello... Chrissy, hellooo. Hey, Chrissy. Time to wake up, okay?! Hello, can you hear me?! Wake uuup Chrissy! Chrissy, WAKE UUUUP! I DON'T LIKE THIS, CHRISSY, WAKE UUUUP!"

Eddie to Dustin:

  • "Bad news first. Always."
  • "I say you’re asking me to follow you into Mordor? … So Mordor it is."
  • "You, Dustin Henderson, are a total butthead."

Eddie to Robin:

  • "Hunt the freak, right?"
  • "Those stains are, uh... I don’t know what those stains are."

Eddie to Steve:

  • "Kid worships you, dude. Like, you have no idea. It's kind of annoying to be honest. And I don't even know why I care what that little shrimp thinks. But uh... I guess I got a little jealous, Steve. I guess I couldn't accept the fact that Steeeeve Harrington was actually... a good dude. Rich parents, popular, chicks love him, not a douche? No way man. No way. That like, flies in the face of all the laws of the universe, and my own personal Munson doctrine."
  • "Wheeler, right there? She didn't waste a second. Not one second. She just dove right in. Now, I don't know what happened between you two, but if I were you, I would get her back. Because that, was as unambiguous a sign of true love as these cynical eyes have ever seen."
  • "It's his tone, right?"

Eddie to Nancy:

  • "Yeah yeah yeah... listen, can you pick me up a six pack? I know it's stupid as shit, drinking right now, but a cold beer would REALLY calm my jangled nerves."

Eddie to Dustin and Mike:

  • "You're saying Sinclair's been taken in by the Dark Side? ... And rather than find a sub for him, you want... you want to postpone the Cult of Vecna?"
  • "You know what that means? It means you boys are the future of Hellfire."

Behind the scenes

His character was first revealed on November 20, 2020 via the show's official social media accounts along with several other new characters.[3] In December of 2020, Joseph Quinn was spotted filming in a forest in Atlanta alongside Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley) and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington).[5]



  • While Eddie’s age is never stated in Season Four, the revelations he is repeating senior year for the third time while also having attended Middle School with Chrissy Cunningham place him as being 19 turning 20 during the 1986 school year. This also plays into his determination to finally graduate that year, as he would not be allowed to attend high school into his twenties were he to fail again - and would be forced to take a GED exam if he wanted to obtain his diploma.
  • In spite of their past animosity, Mason Dye stated his belief at convention that Jason Carver may have been convinced of Eddie’s innocence had he not also been present for the death of Patrick McKinney. As it stands, Dye feels that Patrick’s death was the moment Jason convinced himself Eddie possessed abilities courtesy of the occult - and that even though Jason may know the theory isn’t rational, it is the only way for him to make sense of what he witnessed. [6]
  • The dynamic between Jason and Eddie is possibly inspired by the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, one of the breakout films of Stranger Things star Winona Ryder. In the film, Anthony Michael Hall’s character of “Jim” is the girlfriend of Ryder’s character “Kim”, and perceives the titular character as a “freak” - similar to Jason’s perception of Eddie. Like Jason does with Eddie, Jim comes to believe Edward intentionally hurt Kim and leads an angry mob against him - resulting in his own death during the final confrontation.
  • Eddie was supposed to have graduated from Hawkins High School in 1984.[1]
  • Eddie wears a leather jacket under a denim vest that dons Megadeth, Motörhead, and Iron Maiden patches, as well as a patch of the Leviathan Cross. The vest also features W.A.S.P, Accept, Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest pins, and a large Dio backpatch.
  • It is unknown what happened to Eddie's parents as he lives with his uncle who is his legal guardian.
  • He was in a band called Corroded Coffin in middle school. He plays with his band at The Hideout on Tuesdays as stated to Chrissy.
  • He had a buzzcut in middle school.
  • He states his uncle Wayne Munson works at “the plant”.
  • Eddie's name, musical taste, look, and character is likely to have been inspired by Eddie Van Halen, whose fame peaked in the 80s.
  • Eddie had visible tattoos on his arms, one of which is a flock of bats.


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