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Donald Melvald is the eponymous shopkeeper of Melvald's General Store in downtown Hawkins, and the employer of Joyce Byers and Jeffrey.



At some point in his life, Donald began running Melvald's General Store. He hired Joyce Byers, Jeffrey and several others as employees.


The day after her son Will disappeared, Joyce came to the store to buy a new phone and asked for a two weeks advance. Donald was reluctant, as he needed to pay Jeffrey for covering for her, but Joyce was adamant and Donald sympathized with her predicament.[1] The next day, she came back to buy several packs of Christmas lights and another phone.[2]

Later on, Donald was present during Will's funeral.[3]

On November 22 of that year, Robin Buckley entered the store and attempted to apply for the position being advertised at the store. Although Joyce was open to her, Donald quickly rejected her, stating that he didn't want nor trust high schoolers. When Robin tried to make her case he ordered her out of the store.[4]

Behind the scenes

Donald is listed as "Mr. Melvald" in the credits.