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"Chapter Five: Dig Dug" is the fifth episode of Stranger Things 2 and the thirteenth episode of Stranger Things in total. It is directed by Andrew Stanton and was released with the rest of season two on October 27, 2017. 


Nancy and Jonathan swap conspiracy theories with a new ally as Eleven searches for someone from her past. "Bob the Brain" tackles a difficult problem.


Mike tries to calm Will.

Friday, November 2, 1984

In the infected tunnels from the Upside Down, Hopper encounters a growth that sprays him with spores, causing him to lose consciousness. Overhead, the hole that Hopper dug is covered over by vines. At the Byers' house, Joyce finishes assembling Will's drawings. Meanwhile, Will tells Mike that he feels more connected to the shadow monster, but Mike tries to calm him by saying that it might be good as they can spy and figure out a way to defeat it. Mike also promises that they won't let the monster spy back on him.

Saturday, November 3, 1984

The next day, Will wakes up and tells Joyce that he thinks Hopper is in danger. Hopper wakes up and vomits black sludge. He tries to escape but finds the way back blocked. He starts moving deeper into the tunnels after covering his mouth.

Lucas tries to apologize to Max for the way the group had been excluding her, while Dustin tries to catch Dart. Eleven hitches a ride to her mother's house but cannot get her to respond.

Jonathan and Nancy seek out Murray Bauman. Nancy corrects a lot of Murray's information and reveals the truth about Barb. At the arcade, Lucas tells Max the truth about what happened to Will the previous year.

Bob arrives at the Byers house. Initially, Joyce tries to brush him off because he is not privy to the events of the previous year, but when she realizes that he might be able to solve the puzzle of Will's drawings, she relents. Bob quickly realizes that Will's drawings are a map of Hawkins.

In the tunnels, Hopper realizes that the tendrils are afraid of fire. Scaring away the tendrils with a fire-lit branch, he tries to dig up to the surface but fails and becomes tangled by the vines. Dustin buries his mother's cat and lures Dart out of the house into a cellar. He tries to get in contact with his friends but fails.

Eleven arrives at Terry Ives' house, but as she was initially rejected by Becky, she uses her powers to forcefully open the door. However, Eleven can't get her mother to talk to her. Becky tries to get to know Eleven better. She shows El the room Terry kept for her, and offers to let El stay. Then, the lights start to flicker and Eleven realizes that Terry is trying to communicate.

Will, Mike, Bob, and Joyce figure out Hopper's location and rush off to save him. Will directed them towards the exact location of Hopper by seeing him in his now-memories.

Despite not finding any of his friends, Dustin manages to enlist Steve's help in dealing with Dart. At the arcade, Max does not believe Lucas' story and tells him to provide proof.

Murray believes Jonathan and Nancy, and they have to figure out a way to get the story out without it being discredited. They eventually hit on the idea of watering down the truth to eliminate the more fantastical elements to make it more palatable to the public.

At Hawkins Lab, Dr. Sam Owens and his team analyze the soil samples from the dead pumpkin patches and realize they are infected by the Upside Down and connected in a hive mind.

At Terry's house, Eleven continues trying to contact her mother. While she does not get through to her, she experiences several of her mother's memories. One memory shows Terry forcing her way into the lab with a gun, eventually finding Eleven and an unknown girl playing in the rainbow room.

Joyce and Bob head into the tunnels to rescue Hopper. Will and Mike sees that the scientists and soldiers from Hawkins Lab also

Will began convulsing as the tendrils burned

arrive to their location. While searching for Hopper, Joyce finds his cigar and follows the path, ultimately finding Hopper tangled in vines.

As they cut the tendrils and pull him free, the soldiers from the lab arrive to help including one armed with a flamethrower. He covers the retreat, burning the tendrils. On the surface, Will screams and collapses as the tendrils burn. Mike is terrified and the scientists approach Will who is convulsing on the ground in severe pain.


Uncredited Cast

  • Student - Alicia Shenreice
  • Young Kali - Vanathi Parthiban



  • "Try My Love" by Carroll Lloyd - Nancy and Jonathan check into a motel.
  • "You Ought To Be With Me" by Carl Weathers - The Sinclair family sits down for breakfast; Lucas asks his father what he does when his mom is mad at him.
  • "Green, Green Grass of Home" by Bobby Bare - Eleven catches a ride on a semi to visit her mother.
  • "Can I Do What I Want" by Shock Therapy - Nancy and Jonathan stop by Murray's place.
  • "Metal Sport" by Hittman - Billy drops Max at the arcade and tells her to be out in an hour.
  • "Darling Don't Leave Me" by Robert Görl - Max is shown into the backroom of the arcade, where Lucas is waiting for her.
  • "When the Sun Goes Down" by The Jetzons - Lucas follows Max through the arcade trying to convince her that his story is true.
  • "Strenght in Numbers" by Channel 3 - Billy picks up Max from the arcade and questions her about hanging out with Lucas.
  • "Open the Kingdom (Liquid Days, Part II)" by Philip Glass Ensemble, Douglas Perry, Michael Riesman & Michael Reisman - Rapid flashback montage of what happened to Terry Ives.
  • "No More" by Billie Holiday - Murray puts on a record to help him contemplate Nancy and Jonathan's revelations.

Original Score

  • "The Spy" - Joyce continues to construct the map. Mike reassures Will.
  • "Shadow In The Tunnel" - Hopper becomes trapped in the tunnel.
  • "Scars" - Nancy and Jonathan compare the size of their scars.
  • "Biking to School" - Lucas bikes to the arcade.
  • "Gearing Up" - Dustin prepares to deal with Dart.
  • "Connect the Dots" - Nancy and Jonathan arrive at Murray's Warehouse.
  • "Do You Accept The Risk?" - Lucas begins to tell Max their secrets.
  • "In the Woods" - Joyce, Mike and Will try to locate Hopper.
  • "Looking for a Way Out" - Hopper discovers that the tendrils don't like fire.
  • "Crib" - Becky shows Eleven what was going to be her crib.
  • "The Hub" - Hopper is overwhelmed by vines.
  • "Photos In The Woods" - Billy sees Max and Lucas together again.
  • "Birth/Rescue" - Eleven experiences Terry's flashbacks.
  • "Turn Right & Run" - Hopper is rescued. Will experiences a seizure.


"Dig Dug" is the first of two consecutive episodes directed by Andrew Stanton, who is known for writing and directing several Pixar films. Stanton was a big fan of the series and contacted executive producer Shawn Levy to express interest in taking part in the second season.[1]

Filming of the episode, along with "Chapter Six: The Spy" began in early February and continued through late March.[2][3]

Stanton gave the episode's production crew custom made beanies with images of the player's character in the game Dig Dug, which the episode is named after, and binoculars, symbolizing the second episode he directed: "The Spy".[4]


Title reveal image.

The title of the episode is taken from the 1982 arcade game Dig Dug, in which the eponymous player's character digs underground tunnels where he defeats monsters. It might refers to events in the episode in which Hopper enters underground tunnels, as suggested by the image from the title reveal representing the episode.

The title of the fifth chapter was originally assumed to be "The Storm" because the announcement trailer for season two listed this as the fifth title. However, the titles in the announcement trailer were out of order and only meant to "provide some hint of where [they] were going in season two without giving anything away."[5] The real title was revealed with an image representing the episode, along with the titles of the six first chapters on October 9, 2017.[6]


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