Agent Connie Frazier, portrayed by Catherine Dyer, was the secondary antagonist of the first season of Stranger Things.



Connie Frazier was born somewhere in the 1930s and attended Hawkins High School during her teen years

She worked for, or alongside, Dr. Martin Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory.


Agent Frazier and various other agents accompanied Brenner as he attempted to re-capture the escaped test subject Eleven. The girl had found shelter at Hawkins' local diner; Benny, the diner owner, was caring for her. Benny had called Social Services to pick Eleven up, but the lab had intercepted the call. Agent Frazier greeted Benny, playing the role of a social worker, before proceeding to shoot and kill him. Brenner and the other agents then entered the diner, but Eleven had already fled. Benny's death was later framed as a suicide, drawing suspicion away.

Seeking intel on Eleven's location, Connie visited Scott Clarke at his residence. While there, she spoke to him about a fictitious Indiana AV Club program, complete with a falsified flier. When she asked if he knew anyone who'd want to participate, he told her about Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.

Connie as she bleeds to death

Brenner and the agents came to the Wheeler house, looking for any evidence relating to Eleven. After Chief Hopper revealed Eleven's location, Brenner and the agents immediately made their way to Hawkins Middle. Although Agent Frazier and various other agents cornered Eleven and her friends, Eleven used her psychic powers to crush their brains and kill them.


Connie was an evil and ruthless woman, who was capable of committing cold-blood murder of those she deemed worthless or hindering to her aims swiftly, with no remorse shown. She evidently had no problems in threatening innocent children, as she cornered the children in Hawkins Middle School, armed with her handgun, meaning she was likely capable of child murder as well. She was also shown to be very ambitious and determined in fulfilling the demands of Martin Brenner with much brutal proficiency.


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