I rigged the trap with, uh, a motor to make it look like I caught a ghost. Just like the movie.

"Oh, Dusty."

Dustin Henderson and Claudia Henderson, The Pollywog

Claudia Henderson is a minor character in the first season of Stranger Things and a recurring character in the second season. She is the ex-wife of Mr. Henderson and the mother of Dustin Henderson.



On the evening of October 29, Claudia was watching television with Mews as Dustin searched the couches for quarters. When Dustin asked if he could check the chair she was sitting in, she reluctantly agreed.

On Halloween morning, Claudia photographed Dustin in his Ghostbusters costume. Later that night, when Dustin was trying to sneak a strange creature into the house, she suspected something was wrong. Dustin tried to assure her everything was okay when his proton pack (which contained the creature) suddenly began moving, frightening her. He lied, saying that he had placed a motor in it as part of his costume.

When she was unable to find Mews, Claudia grew worried and began looking for her. Unbeknownst to her, Mews had actually been killed and partially eaten by Dart, the creature Dustin had sneaked into the house and was revealed to be a young Demogorgon. In order to hide this from her, Dustin again lied, telling her Mews had been spotted near Loch Nora.

On the evening of December 15, Claudia was sitting in the living room while Dustin prepared for the Snow Ball. She had gotten another cat to replace Mews, naming it Tews.


Season One appearances
The Vanishing of Will Byers The Weirdo on Maple Street Holly, Jolly The Body
The Flea and the Acrobat The Monster The Bathtub The Upside Down
Season Two appearances
MADMAX Trick or Treat, Freak The Pollywog
Will the Wise Dig Dug The Spy
The Lost Sister The Mind Flayer The Gate

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