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Cerebro is a ham radio created by Dustin Henderson located on Weathertop near Starcourt Mall, Brimborn Steel Works and the Nelson farm in Hawkins, Indiana.

Considered as a Cadillac of ham radios, Cerebro can be used to communicate across very long distances, such as, in between Hawkins and Salt Lake City.



Dustin created Cerebro at Camp Know Where, along with a few other inventions. Dustin planned to use it to talk to his new girlfriend Suzie when he returned home.

After returning to Hawkins, Dustin got the Party to fully assemble Cerebro on top of a hill Dustin nicknamed "Weathertop". Once it was assembled, Dustin attempted to contact Suzie, but was unable to do so. After waiting on Weathertop for four hours with no contact with Suzie, the rest of the party left. Dustin was going to leave as well when Cerebro picked up a Russian broadcast from the Starcourt Mall.

Five days later, after Dustin discovered and escaped the secret Russian laboratory, he reunited with the Party and the adults. They formed a plan for the Hopper, Joyce, and Murray to break into the laboratory and close the new gate while the Scoops Troop guided them using Cerebro. The plan was going somewhat well until the Hopper realized the code he had entered into a safe containing two keys needed to shut down the Key was wrong. The code for the door was the mathematical equation Planck's Constant, and to get help, Dustin contacted Suzie using Cerebro to ask her what Planck's Constant is. Suzie agreed to tell him, but only if he sang "The NeverEnding Story" with her.

In October, Mike told Eleven that he planned to use Cerebro to talk to her everyday.


  • Cerebro is named after the device Professor X uses to locate other mutants and humans in X-Men, similar to the ham radio's purpose. Weathertop is also named after a hill in Lord of the Rings.