Castle Byers was a makeshift fort made by Will Byers in the forest near his house. Filled with pillows and quilts and decorated with his drawings, it was Will's personal space where he could draw and read comics. Signs on the front read "Castle Byers", "Home of Will the wise" and "All friends welcome." The fort's design was based on a drawing of Will's.



Castle Byers was built by Will Byers and Jonathan Byers the night of their parents' divorce. As they were building the fort, it began to rain. However, they continued the project anyway, which led to them becoming sick.


After Will's disappearance, Castle Byers was the first place Joyce, his mother, thought to look.[1]

Upside Down

In the Upside Down, Will stayed in Castle Byers while hiding from the Demogorgon. Eleven used her abilities to locate and communicate with Will and told him Joyce was coming for him. A very weakened Will said she must hurry. Eleven told him to hold on a little longer, but she suddenly lost contact and Castle Byers disappeared along with Will.

As Will sang "Should I Stay or Should I Go" to comfort himself, the monster broke through the walls of Castle Byers, took Will and brought him to its lair in the library.[2] When Joyce and Hopper entered the Upside Down, they found the remains of Castle Byers scattered across the ground.




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