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Calvin Powell is a recurring character in Stranger Things. He was an officer with the Hawkins Police Department. Working alongside Chief Hopper and Officer Callahan, he aided in the investigation of the disappearance of Will Byers. After the apparent death of Chief Hopper, Powell became the new chief of the Hawkins Police Department.



On the morning of November 7 1983, Powell and Callahan were playing cards when Police Chief Jim Hopper arrived late for work. Powell greeted him, and before continuing to his office, Hopper rearranged one of Powell's cards.

Powell, Callahan, and Hopper began searching for the missing Will Byers on Mirkwood. During their search, Hopper came across Will's bike. Hopper thought this was odd, saying Will would have walked his bike home instead of leaving it there. The three officers brought the bike back to the Byers' and searched the house for any signs that Will had returned home the night he disappeared. After investigating the shed, Hopper decided they needed to organize a search party.

During the search, Hopper met with Callahan and Powell to discuss if they had found anything. After Hopper had walked ahead, Callahan asked if Hopper ever had a sexual relationship with Joyce, but Powell ignored him.

The officers continued their search at the quarry. As Hopper warned Callahan to back away from the cliff's edge., her received a call from Flo telling them to head over to Benny's. At the diner, the officers found Benny's corpse, arranged to look like a suicide.

That night, as Powell, Callahan, and Hopper took part in the search party, Callahan wondered about the validity of Earl's statement. Hopper responded that they would get answers once they found him, but Powell didn't think that would be possible as he believed Will was dead. Their attention was suddenly drawn to Scott Clarke, who found a piece of ripped cloth at the edge of the drain pipe. The pipe led to Hawkins National Laboratory, making the officers suspicious of the lab.

On November 9, the three officers visited the lab, but were denied entry by the security guard. Hopper convinced the guard to let them enter. They were then escorted by the Hawkins head of security, who denied that Will had entered the lab premises. He insisted that they would have known if Will had snuck into the lab due to its tight security. Hopper requested to see the security camera footage from the night of the 6th and 7th. The head of security allowed the officers to view the footage, but there was no sign of Will. As the officers were leaving, Hopper realized there was no rain in the footage, even though it had rained that night.

Powell accompanied Hopper to the public library where they reviewed old newspaper articles regarding the lab. When Hopper discovered that Dr. Martin Brenner had been involved in MKUltra, he proposed that the lab may have played a part in Will's disappearance. Powell was skeptical of this theory. They were then notified by Callahan to go to the quarry. At the quarry, Hopper and Powell witnessed the assumed body of Will Byers being retrieved from the water. At the Byers' house, Powell helped look for a creature that Joyce claimed tore through her wall. There was no sign of the creature, or the tear it had created.

At the high school, Powell and Callahan questioned Nancy about the night Barbara Holland disappeared. Nancy believed that a strange creature she saw may have taken Barb, urging the officers to go and investigate Steve's house. Callahan told her that they had already searched the residence and found nothing--not even Barb's car. The officers believed that Barb had run away, but Nancy insisted Barb would never do that.

On November 11, since they are unable to contact Hopper, both Powell and Callahan visited Hopper at his trailer. They informed Hopper that Bev Mooney was worried about Dale and Henry, who had gone hunting the day before and had not returned. They also told him that state police had found Barbara Holland's car parked at a bus station, indicating that she had ran away.

On Saturday, November 12, following a theft at Bradley's Big Buy, Powell and Callahan were called to the store by the manager. While there, they took statements from the manager, as well as a clerk, who described the shoplifter's appearance to the officers.

Later on Saturday, November 12, as Jonathan and Steve fought in an alleyway, Powell and Callahan arrived on the scene. While trying to restrain them, Callahan was unintentionally hit in the face by Jonathan. While Powell arrested Jonathan, Callahan pursued Steve and his friends but was unable to apprehend them.

When Hopper and Joyce arrived at the police station, they urged Powell and Callahan to remove Jonathan's handcuffs. Callahan refused, stating the reason he was wearing them was because he had assaulted a police officer. Both he and Powell then revealed the stash of “monster hunting” supplies in the trunk of Jonathan's car. Hopper demanded to know why he had such items, but Jonathan said he wouldn't believe him.

As Hopper spoke with Jonathan and Nancy in his office, Troy's mother came to the station to report that Troy's arm had been broken by a “psychotic child.” As Powell and Callahan questioned her, they got into an argument, with her believing they were humiliating her son. She demanded an apology and to speak with the chief. Callahan argued that he was just trying to state facts, but Hopper told the officers to take a statement. When Troy described the girl's appearance, Hopper took interest and asked for more information. Troy described the girl's telekinetic abilities, and that she was with Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.

On Christmas Eve, Powell attended the Christmas party held at the police station.


When numerous local farmers began complaining about their dying crops, Powell and Callahan assisted Jim Hopper in investigating the pumpkin fields.


Powell had a minimal role in the events of 1985. He judged Hopper‘s choice of clothes. He told Hopper to stop the protest at Hawkins City Hall.

After the events of July 4th, which resulted in "death" of Hopper, he became the new Chief of Police in Hawkins.


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Memorable Quotes

  • "Can't ask a corpse a question."
  • "The librarian?"

Behind the Scenes


The character is credited as "Officer Powell" and his first name is only stated once in the show, when Hopper refers to him as "Cal" in Chapter One. Powell's full first name is Calvin, as revealed on Instagram by Rob Morgan, the actor who portrays him. The name was chosen by Morgan himself, who, when given the chance, always names his characters Calvin in honor of his grandfather Calvin Augustus Simmons.[1]


  • Officer Powell's name is a possible reference to the similarly named Officer Al Powell in the 1988 action movie classic Die Hard.
  • Powell's badge number is 420, a reference for Marijuana.


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