S02E03-Byers family

The Byers Family.

The Byers family consists of five members; Joyce, Jonathan and Will, who live in Hawkins, Indiana, whereas Lonnie lives outside of Hawkins in Indianapolis.

Family members

Member Notes
Joyce Byers Mother of Will and Jonathan, who she lived with in Hawkins. Ex-wife of Lonnie.
Lonnie Byers Father of Will and Jonathan. Ex-husband of Joyce. He lived outside of Hawkins.
Jonathan Byers The first child of Joyce and Lonnie.
Will Byers The second child of Joyce and Lonnie.
Darlene An aunt of Joyce.

Family tree

Joyce Byers Family Tree icon 001
Joyce Byers
Lonnie Byers Family Tree icon 001
Lonnie Byers
Jonathan Byers FamilyTree icon 001
Jonathan Byers
Will Byerd Family Tree icon 001
Will Byers
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