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The former Byers house in Hawkins, Indiana is the former residence of the Byers family and Eleven. The house was somewhat run down and in worse-for-wear condition. According to Jonathan Byers' map, the house is in close vicinity to the Harrington House.

In October 1985, the Byers sold their house in Hawkins and moved to another house in California.


In comparison to other houses seen in Hawkins, the Byers' house is much smaller. It only has one floor with three bedrooms, a shed and a dog house.


  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen/Dining room
  3. Will's bedroom
  4. Jonathan's bedroom
  5. Joyce's bedroom
  6. Bathroom
  7. Hallway
  8. Porch (leading to garden)


  1. Shed
  2. Dog house



Joyce and Lonnie bought (or inherited) the house some time prior to 1982. The couple ultimately divorced, with Lonnie moving out to Indianapolis.


Will cycled home following a game of Dungeons & Dragons at Mike's house. A monster suddenly appeared on the road; Will panicked, ditching his bicycle by the side of the road before running to the house. No-one was home except the Byers' pet dog. Will tried calling 9-1-1 on the phone, but he was stopped by the Monster, who continued to pursue him. He ran to his shed and tried to hide, loading an old rifle (probably old property of his father, Lonnie) in self-defense. However, the Monster appeared behind him, pulling him into the Upside Down.

Will's family, Joyce and Jonathan, began to search for him. Joyce became convinced that his disappearance had a

Joyce desperately attempts to communicate with Will

supernatural cause after various strange events began to occur in the house. She filled the house with Christmas lights, painting the alphabet letters in an attempt to communicate with Will. She achieved some success, though she was threatened by the Monster, bursting through the living room wall. Joyce later found a shrinking portal in that same wall, a wound in space-time left from the Monster's breakthrough. Through the portal, Joyce briefly talked to her son before the portal completed healing. Joyce broke through the wall with an axe, but failed to get through to the Upside Down, for it had sealed up again and disappeared. Later on, Hopper arrived at her house and told Joyce that he found out that Will really was alive and that the agents of Hawkins Lab tried to cover up the incident to prevent revealing the events of the Upside Down.

The house was later used as a meeting point between Will's family and friends as they formed their plan to rescue Will. Jonathan and Nancy set up a trap at the house, injuring the Monster with the aid of Steve.


When Will was brought by Joyce to their house after being overwhelmed by the shadow monster, he confessed that he still felt the shadow monster inside him. Will's condition deteriorated as he's body temperature started becoming lower and didn't agree to taking a bath because of the monster liking it cold. He later admitted to Joyce and Hopper that some part of himself recalled memories that were not his. Unable to explain verbally, he started drawing those events that he called "now-memories". As those drawings were compiled all over the floors of the house, Hopper realized that the drawings were actually vines spreading beneath Hawkins and left for the pumpkin field.

Mike tries to calm a distressed Will.

Meanwhile, Mike arrived to the Byers' house to help Will. Although Joyce initially tried to send him away, when Mike mentioned the shadow monster, she became surprised and allowed him to stay. As Joyce attached Will's drawings over the wall of their house to form a complete picture, Mike tried to calm down a distressed Will, who felt more connected to the shadow monster, and promised him that they won't let the monster spy back on him.

After the invasion of the Demodogs at Hawkins Lab, Hopper, Will, Joyce, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Steve, Max, Jonathan and Nancy are forced to resort to the Byers house where they start forming a plan to defeat the Shadow Monster which Dustin termed as the Mind Flayer. As Mike implored the group to interrogate Will, Will is tied up at the shed and the vicinity was disguised in such a way that the monster couldn't figure out their location through him. However, during interrogation, the house phone rang giving away their location to the rest of his army.

To everyone's surprise, Eleven arrives and kills the Demodogs.

As the Mind Flayer sent the Demodogs to the house, the group quickly began taking preparations with guns. Hopper asked Jonathan if he could use a gun, to which Nancy replied that she could. However, before the Demodogs could attack, they were somehow killed by someone and one dead one was also thrown into their house, breaking the windows. Then, to everyone's surprise, Eleven made a dramatic reappearance at the house, proving that she was still alive after her disappearance. Mike, relieved to see her alive, reunited with Eleven. While Mike was arguing with Hopper, the boys all reunited with her and Eleven pointed out his teeth. Max then tried to introduce herself to Eleven, resulting in Eleven rudely brushing past her.

After their reconciliation, they formed a plan. With Eleven's reassurance, Eleven and Hopper planned to head to Hawkins Lab and close the Gate, while Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan headed to Hopper's cabin to free Will from the Mind Flayer's possession by exposing him to extreme heat. While they did that, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max and a reluctant Steve left for the tunnels to distract the Demodogs by burning the tunnels, which would provide Eleven and Hopper enough time to close the Gate.

When things returned back to normal and Will recovered, he drew and hung a picture of Bob to honor his heroic sacrifice. Later on, Will and his mom danced together in preparation for the Snow Ball while Jonathan filmed them.


Following the events of July 1985, Eleven began residing with the Byers.

In October 1985, Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and El moved out of the house and away from Hawkins. They settled in another house in Lenora Hills, California.


The original Byers' house was located in a heavily wooded area on the outskirts of town, in close proximity to Hawkins National Laboratory, Benny's Burgers and the Harrington house. Will would take the road nicknamed Mirkwood when going home from his friends. Castle Byers was located in the woods, close enough for Will to go there and back without much effort.

Behind the Scenes

The house used for exterior shots is located somewhere in Georgia (address withheld due to the house owners' preference), while the interior of the house was built on a stage in EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta.

An official LEGO® set of the Byers' house, which included a mirrored counterpart depicted in the Upside Down, was released on May 15th, 2019.