Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 5 days ago

FandomDesktop introduction and feedback

Hey all! I'm currently gathering feedback regarding the upcoming change to the desktop skin, called FandomDesktop, to help me understand any of the concerns and issues this community may face due to this change, so they can be properly addressed during testing and before we get to rollout. The change is introduced at large in this staff blog, which I advise everyone to read if you haven't already.

Some notable points:

  • Light and Dark modes - A wiki can basically have two theme options, and users can pick their preference. Admins will be able to style both in ThemeDesigner.
  • Fluid width - The content area can be expanded, and the right rail can also be collapsed, for a wider article page. This too will be user preference.
  • Global navigation - Instea…
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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 28 days ago

Bug smashing efforts

Hey all! I am super glad that I get to reach out for this and ask for your input! Some of you may have already read the blog announcement on Community Central about this, but for those who haven't: Fandom announced that it would focus the upcoming 2 weeks on an all-hands quality of life project -- read "a two-week bug squashing effort"!

So my question to you all is: are there perhaps any bugs that have been annoying you since whenever UCP came along? This project is the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about those things! Just drop your report in the comments here, leave me a message, or even reach out to me via Discord if you're more comfortable doing that, and I'll do my best to get your voice heard. These don't have to be …

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Redrage10 Redrage10 3 March

From the Upside Down

"My domain is the upside down and earth is a stepping stone for this. I created the upside down for eleven. I will not yet reveal my plans but I assure you, you will be stepped over. The Upside Down is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world. Most, if not all, flora and fauna present in the dimension are linked together in a hive mind controlled by me, The Mind Flayer. I am a sentient entity that possesses intelligence equal or superior to that of a human. This sets me apart from the Demogorgons, They behave purely on animalistic when I am not exercising my control over them. Here are my abilities"

  • Hive Mind: My most distinctive feature is the ability to take control and command of the creatures from the Upside Down …

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KemoraWright11 KemoraWright11 2 March

The script for season 3 episode 1

I have found the script for season 3 episode 1 to practice thats the link if you want it. I love acting

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KemoraWright11 KemoraWright11 2 March

stranger things dweeb

Am i the only one who loves strnger things and after watching the whole 3 season thought they had powere like el?

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Strangerfan011005 Strangerfan011005 28 January

Theory 001

ok so before I put my theory below i would just like to say this is all my opinion into what i think could happen and it is my opinion and if you have any questions please let me know so i can do my best to answer them I don't know if this happens in the show or is true its all based off facts and small details that I notice and connect the dots to so read at you own risk i'm not sure if i'm right or not so yeah ************ ( this one ist really a theory but more of like questions and if you think about it )

- If you think about there was no trace of the Mindflayer before el at least that we know of.

- Why does El and the demogorgan have similar powers?

~ I think its because some how there connected in a weird way. [ im not saying el is evil…

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Oldmonk86 Oldmonk86 19 January


So lately I've been watching Stranger things 2. Which said more about the origin of the Powers which El possessed

Actually Dr Brenner was planning on giving Powers to Terri which was the Wife of Brenner and mother of El. As the experiment passed on and Terri showed no improvement ( ❗Said in the series❗) In her conditions. The Experiment Terri passed on was by the intake Of drugs which contain major Chemicals. Then Dr Brenner found the reason of failing the experiments on Terri. Which was at the time of the experiment Terri was pregnant. Then Doctor Brenner thought that the baby which was El was the results of his experiment ( ❗His thought was Correct❗ ) then he abduct the child at birth then Terri came to Lab and asking for her child and t…

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Devinaa23 Devinaa23 19 January

Mike Wheeler

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Jeremiahcorsaro Jeremiahcorsaro 29 December 2020

Stranger things comments

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Wxyntery Wxyntery 23 days ago

My first concept art

Here is my first concept art. please be positive as it is my first try. :) Thanks!

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Ireonia Ireonia 21 December 2020

stranger things

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Strangerthingsloverbilly Strangerthingsloverbilly 17 December 2020

catching up on Stranger Things!

So, The first time I watched "Stranger Things" was the best day of my life! Watching that intriguing show made me realize that I'm obsessed with it XD.

Comment down below which character is your favorite in which season is your favorite as well!! I would love to hear what you guys say!!

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The345bob The345bob 16 December 2020

Season 4 theories!

What are some of YOUR theories on what happens in season 4? Anything is welcomed!

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Wxyntery Wxyntery 23 days ago

What is the age of the characters in Stranger Things

I have access to some Stranger Things information that is not said in the show because I own the book 'Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down'. It is a great read for anyone who loves the show and wants to learn more about it and the making of it. One of the nice things about it is that it reveals the ages of some key characters:

Here are the ages of the characters in the latest season.

Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Max Mayfield, Jane 'El' Hopper and Will Byers: Around 13/14 going into freshman year

Erica Sinclair: 10 years old going into middle school

Billy Hargrove, Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington: Around 18 /19

Molly Wheeler: Around 4

Johnathan Byers: Around 17/18 going into senior year.

Nancy Wheeler: Around 17 going…

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Akshitapara Akshitapara 16 December 2020

possible ST trailer date

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Stranger thingz000 Stranger thingz000 2 December 2020

mike wheeler

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Breanabrown.4 Breanabrown.4 6 October 2020

Stranger things

I love this TV series. I am so glad they made it. I would love to see where they moved. I watched a spoiler thing that said a huge charecter dies in the 4th season i wonder who it will be. I cried so much on the episode Battle Of Starcourt. Because of Hopper and  Billy.

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KaylaheartsStrangerThings011 KaylaheartsStrangerThings011 24 September 2020

What papa (Dr.Brenner) means by sick

Ok so before i get on with my theory i would like to say two things, One: I have this on my main page but i wanna go ahead and put it on the main blog Two: I have no idea if this actually happens so read at your own risk of a !!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          With out further of due may i present ............... 

Ok so if you think about it before El left the lad she never got tiered or past out she just used her powers with out getting tiered or passing out. After killing Dr.Brenners people El passed out and didnt wake up for awhile and Mike knew somthing was wrong, and then Dr.Brenner grabed El and told her that she was "sick" and he tells her that hes gonna take her back home to the lab and make her better.

What if El's source …

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Makomermaidsfann Makomermaidsfann 23 September 2020

What is Stranger things season 4

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Stranger Things
Season 4
  • Winona Ryder
  • Finn Wolfhard
  • Millie Bobby Brown
  • Gaten Matarazzo
  • Caleb McLaughlin
  • Noah Schnapp
  • Sadie Sink
  • Natalia Dyer
  • Charlie Heaton
  • Joe Keery
  • Maya Hawke
  • Priah Ferguson
  • Cara Buono
  • Brett Gelman

Country of origin
United States
Original network
Season chronology

← Previous Season 3

List of Stranger Things episodes

 Filming is currently scheduled to resume on September 28, 2020.

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Agpfan1234 Agpfan1234 10 September 2020


who do you think is going to die in season 4

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TheCrazyBookLover TheCrazyBookLover 23 August 2020

New friends?

Whatever happened to the other kids with powers? We already know El and Kollie but that's it. I think in one of the next two seasons they will introduce at least one more character like El. This is only a theory but I hope that they get back to that soon. And wouldn't it be cool if one of them was related to El or something? That's not possible but it would still be cool.

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TheCrazyBookLover TheCrazyBookLover 21 August 2020

Battle for powers?

As we know from the Duffer brothers, Papa is still alive, which means he prob knows why El's powers are gone. I think that Collie will make a reappearence and help force him to give El her powers back. I also think that Brenner is with the russians because how else would they know how to open a gate to the upside down? I think that Eight is gonna have a major role in this new season, and i think Hopper might figure stuff out from the inside, now that we know for sure that hes alive baised on the teaser.

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hi guys hope you guys really like it

before i start i would just like to say this is all my opinion and i would love to hear what yall think about,so enjoy! by the way i dont know if ths happens but SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

So if you think about it Before El there was no mindflayer he wasent there,it came aftert she was born 


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Once ives Once ives 20 July 2020

Stranger things

Para los qye les gusta STRANGER THINGS y para los que les gusta los memes . YO DECLARO UNA GUERRA DE MEMES DE STRANGER THINGS 😼

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hey hope you guys enjoy

Ok so again this is all my opinion of what i think could or might happen WARNING i dont know if this actually happens so *****SPOILER ALERT****** 

Ok so in the first Stranger Things season four teaser you hear and see a clock strike you make think that this is the first time you hear and see it but its not. In Stranger Things season two episode four when Hopper digs a hole into the tunnels in the upside down, as he looks out towards the tunnels as the screen turn upside down the screen goes black and you hear a clock strike. I think this was a symbol/sighn that it would only be a matter of time before the upside down took over hawkins 


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Hi hope you enjoy

Before I get started just letting you know this is all my opinion and you are welcomed to share what you think in the comments. WARNING I don’t know it this is true it’s just a guess but *SPOILER ALERT*

What if In the teaser when we see hopper in Russia and he stares off what if he sees or senses El from the void like how Mike and Billy did what if El finds Hopper ! Also I think this might be in episode four of season four, the name of that episode is “Regaining and Training”

Let me know what ya think ⬇️

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SKYEDT0807 SKYEDT0807 11 July 2020

Message to Stranger Things Cast

Hello There,

My name is Sky Dayas Tokoto and I love you guys so much!

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OttoTheHedghog OttoTheHedghog 10 July 2020

What balloon should be in the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade this year?

I know this is unrelated but what balloon should be added if u don't know what balloon im talking about it's called a giant balloon Macy's have made popular character balloons in the parade but what guess star and balloon should fly this year?

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Hey everyone hope you are having a good day

Hey guys so I came up with this theory and I have a lot of them but if you would like to read go ahead and click on my profile. I hope y’all enjoy also this is all my opinion let me know what y’all think!! -your fellow stranger fan !

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Seewhathappened Seewhathappened 1 July 2020


"What is a Zoomer stranger things?

So in the context, a Zoomer is defined as a party member who can move very fast, and can transport people very fast."

Exactly me. I move at my own pace. Any other Zoomers like me out there?

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Haileybeckett Haileybeckett 1 July 2020

Byler gonna happen, i have a proof

so i was just scrollling thru tik tok and i found one video about secret leaked script from episode "the byres house". i will try to find a link and post it here or on my message wall,  but long story short, Mike broke El's heart. ok i know, a lot of you will not belive this ( i love mike but this scoked me) but he was talking too will (i don't know about what because that part was in other page wich is not leaked) but it says that it was "romance conversation". I said that "Mike broke El's heart" because she was in the kitchen and heard everything so she started crying but Mike said thats nothing serious and that she stops being sucha cry baby. i will put a link tommorow.

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Once hopper Once hopper 27 June 2020

Stranger things 4

Hola, acabas de entrar en Stranger things 4 . Aquí podrás encontrar información sobre stranger things. Sólo elige uno de los enlaces , y has CLIC. Espero que te haya interesado uno.Disfrutalo!!!. Pero cuidado, cualquiera de los enlaces contiene SPOILERS.

Stc teoría de hopper

Stc quien es el AMERICANO

Stc fecha de estreno

Stc teoría de los poderes de Once

Stc homenaje a Stranger things

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DerpEunicorn DerpEunicorn 27 June 2020


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Haileybeckett Haileybeckett 15 June 2020

what do you think of stobin

hi! my wiki friends know my fav character is robin , so i decited to ask this comunitty what do they think of stobin. i mean i know that robin is lesbian and they absoulutely can't be together (*cries* lmao) but i mean they're friendship level ... maximum! leave your thoughts down bellow ! thanks :)

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Strangergirl111 Strangergirl111 6 June 2020

Hey! I'm asking which Friend-Ship you like best!

Stranger Ship time! 

1. Stebin!

2. Elmax.

That's all I have. Just so you know, I'm new to the fandom. Feel free to critise me, I won't care. Anything yoy do or say to hurt me will just bounce off. If you want me to change the way I talk, dress, or even act, I ain't changin' for one person who thinks there's something wrong with me! Everyone is different and should embrace that,

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Seewhathappened Seewhathappened 21 May 2020

Question for All

Which Stranger Things -ship do you like the best?

  • Elax

  • Mileven

  • Luax

  • Jancy

  • Stancy
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Illegallybrunette Illegallybrunette 8 May 2020

Damn son this is much different than the office wiki

Holo, I love a lot of things and stranger things is one of them. The office is the main one though.  :)))))) 

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Hawkins6754326 Hawkins6754326 30 April 2020

Hawkins: My life in Hawkins

Hawkins is no ordinary place. I can tell you that much. My name is 15. But my real name is Alec. I was taken to the Hawkins lab a few years back. My "abilitys" are making things appear, and disappear. I can also control what I make appear. But if I make something vanish, I don't just like turn so no one can see it, I make it erase from the world into a place I call the Void. Everyone in the lab has one but they are all used for different things. Mine is like a store for the stuff I make disappear. I can look into it, but I had never actually gone inside of it. Well that was a while back and I tried something I've never tried. I concentrated real hard, then I disappeared. From existence. I was in a dark room with very shallow water at my fe…

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AllThingsStrangerThings AllThingsStrangerThings 17 April 2020

10 of the Most Relatable Stranger Things Memes: Quarantine Addition

Quarantine has you feeling down? Check out the 10 most current relatable memes from Stranger Things: Quarantine Addition

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Elmax.1 Elmax.1 16 April 2020


  1. Mileven it is the purest relationhip It is life
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Bella.Is.The.Light Bella.Is.The.Light 19 March 2020

Wh I would you be if you were in Stranger Things???

Who would you be...?

Write in the comments below!




















Who would you choose...?

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Survivor dogs rule Survivor dogs rule 29 February 2020

Stranger Things Characters as Dogs

Here are stranger things characters as dogs! 


Mike Wheeler (Season One) Mike Heeler

Lucas Sinclair (Season One)  Lucas Sniffclair

Dustin Henderson (Season One) Dustin Puperson

Jim Hopper (Season One) Jim Barker

Joyce Byers (Season One) Joyce Woofers

Jonathan Byers (Season One) Jonathan Woofers


Dustin Henderson (Season Two) Dustin Puperson

Mike Wheeler (Season Two) Mike Heeler

Lucas Sinclair (Season Two) Lucas Sniffclair

Max Mayfield (Season Two) Max Barkfield

Jonathan Byers (Season Two) Jonathan Woofers

Jim Hopper (Season Two) Jim Barker

Joyce Byers (Season Two) Joyce Woofers


Dustin Henderson (Season Three) Dustin Puperson

Mike Wheeler (Season Three) Mike Heeler

Lucas Sinclair (Season Three) Lucas Sniffclair

Max Mayfield (Season …

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Toxic BAM BAM Toxic BAM BAM 8 January 2020

What if season4 brings Dustin and suzie closer ?

Like , it is obvious that season 4 is not being shot in Hawkins . So , what if it is shot in salt lake city , Utah ?

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Funguys Funguys 7 January 2020

This is wack

(Johnathan, and Eleven are related now)

(Nancy and mike are related)

(Johnathan dates Nancy)

(mike dates Eleven)

Wait a minute?!?!

Isn't that INCEST.

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JazziP JazziP 30 December 2019


Omg!! It's not enough that I love this show, but the freakin soundtrack is the soonest!!! And that's all I got

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Jonahmaraisgf Jonahmaraisgf 25 November 2019

Steve Harrington

Joe Keery. He's my background on my phone. Is that okay? Is it normal to be in love with Joe Keery? Speaking of Joe Keery have y'all seen his new hair. It is umm, interesting. 

It is wow...

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The Scarak Warrior The Scarak Warrior 2 November 2019


Okay so the first thing I wanna say is that I am not Gaten Mataratzo. That was a joke to cover up my name. My real name is ##################. I was born in ################ and I live in ###############################. Look, I'm not an idiot. I know that there are THOUSANDS of creepy stalkers that kidnap children, so I don't trust anyone. Period.

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JackiiSekaiReborn JackiiSekaiReborn 1 November 2019

420 pages

epic gamer moment

edit: eeeee its 423

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JackiiSekaiReborn JackiiSekaiReborn 27 October 2019

It is my birthday


Please give me gifts

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