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Benny Hammond, portrayed by Chris Sullivan, was a recurring character in the first season of Stranger Things. He was the owner and chef at Benny's Burgers, a diner located on 4819 Randolph Lane in Hawkins, Indiana. After coming across a strange and disheveled little girl, Benny decided to cater for her, providing her with food and getting in touch with Social Services. However, this good deed would lead to his death at the hands of DOE agent Connie Frazier.



Benny Hammond was born in the 1940s in Hawkins, Indiana and at some point, he owned and worked at his diner called Benny's Burgers a family-run business. He was a friend of Hopper, Earl, and Henry. According to Earl, Benny's ex-wives "didn't like him much", but otherwise he had few enemies.

Benny and Earl had planned to go fishing down the Etowah River on November 13, 1983, a trip Benny was looking forward to.


On November 7, 1983, Benny was at the diner, talking with Earl and Henry. While he wasn't looking, a kid with a shaved head, wearing a hospital gown, entered the diner through the backdoor. The kid entered the kitchen, finding a portion of fries and began to feverishly eat. Benny turned around, noticing her, and shouted "Hey!". The girl took the fries and started to run, but Benny caught her.

Benny clothed, cooked, and cared for the girl. Benny somewhat unsuccessfully tried communicating with her; this was difficult as she was very shy and afraid to speak. However, he noticed the digits "011" tattooed on her left forearm and inquired her its meaning. After some attempts, the girl pointed to herself, implying that it was her name.

Shortly after Benny had found Eleven in his restaurant, Benny called social services, thinking she was a victim of serious abuse, due to her inability to respond properly and peculiar behavior.

Benny's body found by Hawkins police on Tuesday November 8th of 1983.

Agent Connie Frazier, posing as a social worker, arrived instead. She shot and killed Benny, while other agents chased the girl.[1]

His body was later found by the police. Hawkins National Laboratory had manipulated the scene to make it look like a suicide,[2] but Chief of Police Jim Hopper later pieced together that Benny's demise was not his own doing.[3]


Despite his rough appearance, Benny was a kind and friendly individual. While this earned him few enemies, the fact that his ex-wives disliked him could indicate he had problems with relationships.



Season One appearances
The Vanishing of Will Byers The Weirdo on Maple Street* Holly, Jolly The Body
The Flea and the Acrobat The Monster The Bathtub The Upside Down

*Can be seen as a corpse

Video Game Appearances
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

Memorable Quotes

  • "Eleven? What's it mean?"
  • "A smile looks good on you. You know, smile?"


  • In the original pilot script, Benny is at a couple of points referred to as "Benny Henderson". This could have been a production error, or it could suggest that he was originally planned to be a member of Dustin Henderson's family.