Benny's Burgers is a diner located at 4819 Randolph Lane in Hawkins, Indiana. Family owned and operated since 1956,[1] it was last owned and run by Benny Hammond until his death in 1983.



After escaping Hawkins Lab, Eleven entered the diner and stole a portion of fries before being caught by Benny. He clothed and fed her, calling social services to collect her. Instead of social services, agent Connie Frazier arrived to capture Eleven. She shot and killed Benny, and his body was discovered by the police the following day. His body was moved and several props were put into place to suggest he had committed suicide.[2]

Behind the scenes

The real life filming location is Tiffany's Kitchen located in Lithia Springs, Georgia, a few miles west of Atlanta. The restaurant was closed for filming from Monday October 19 to Friday October 23, 2015.[3]


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