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Surf's up! Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking. We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy except for our pineapple, which comes from a can. But I still highly recommend slapping some pineapple on your pie. Oh, fruit on your pizza is gnarly, you say? Well, I say try before you deny. Hello?
— Argyle, March 24, 1986

Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco, is a main character in the fourth season of Stranger Things.[2] He is the best friend of Jonathan Byers upon his move to California, and delivers pizzas for Surfer Boy Pizza.

By 1986, due to having no friends of his own, Argyle developed a friendship with Jonathan Byers after the latter and his family moved to Lenora Hills last year. Argyle would try to help Jonathan with his relationship problems with his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler and his plans for college. When Jonathan's house is under a attack by military soldiers, Argyle rescues him, his brother Will, Nancy's brother Mike, and their protector Agent Harmon. After Harmon's death, Argyle would learn of his new friends' conflicts with the government agents, a dark dimension known as the Upside Down, and how Jonathan's foster sister, Eleven was a former test subject previously possessing pyschic powers. Argyle would help his friends look for Eleven and after finding her with her powers back, Argyle continued to help his friends by creating a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven to use to fight Vecna, an evil entity terrorizing Hawkins, Indiana.

Two days later, Argyle drove his friends to Hawkins, where he would help rebuild Eleven's former home and forage mushrooms, before particles from the Upside Down began to infect Hawkins due to the opening of four gates.

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Who is Argyle in Stranger Things? toggle section
Argyle is a main character introduced in the fourth season of Stranger Things. Portrayed by Eduardo Franco, Argyle is best known as the pizza delivery guy for Surfer Boy Pizza and the best friend of Jonathan Byers after he moves to California. He's a student at Lenora Hills High School and is recognized for his long hair, often leading to him being referred to as the 'long hair guy' or 'stoner guy' from Stranger Things. Argyle is a supportive friend, often helping Jonathan with his relationship problems.
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What is the relationship between Argyle and Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things? toggle section
In the popular series Stranger Things, Argyle and Jonathan Byers share a close bond. Argyle, often referred to as the 'pizza guy from Stranger Things' or 'stranger things stoner guy' due to his job at Surfer Boy Pizza, becomes best friends with Jonathan Byers after Jonathan and his family move to Lenora Hills. Despite having no friends of his own, Argyle forms a strong friendship with Jonathan, often offering him support and advice, particularly in relation to his relationship problems.
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Argyle works at a pizza place called Surfer Boy Pizza in Stranger Things.
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How does Argyle help Jonathan with his relationship problems in Stranger Things? toggle section
In Stranger Things, Argyle, the pizza delivery guy and Jonathan Byers' best friend, often lends a listening ear and offers advice to Jonathan about his relationship problems. He tries to help Jonathan navigate his relationship with his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler, and his plans for college.
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The actor who plays Argyle in Stranger Things is Eduardo Franco.
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Argyle was born in 1967 and raised in Lenora Hills, California. In 1982, he began attending Lenora Hills High School. During his time in high school, he began to pick up the hobby of smoking marijuana while also getting a job as a pizza delivery boy for Surfer Boy Pizza. In the fall of 1985, Argyle became best friends with Jonathan Byers, a boy his age that had recently relocated with his family from Hawkins, Indiana. They began smoking weed together while also carpooling to school with Jonathan's younger siblings, Will and Jane.


On March 21, Argyle arrived at the Byers' home to pick up Jonathan, Will, and El for school. In her letter to Mike, El refers to Argyle as "Jonathan's funny friend" whose hair is longer than hers. She tells Mike that Jonathan and Argyle smoke "smelly plants" together. As the trio boarded into his van, Argyle told them to "hold onto their butts" as he sped off. Joyce, Jonathan's mother, ran out to yell at him to slow down as Argyle honked the horn.

S4E1-Moping around all break or what?

Argyle talking to his new friend, Jonathan in their wood shop class.

At school, Argyle and Jonathan worked on a project in their woodshop class, and Argyle attempted to show off his marijuana-themed birdhouse - or a "Weeder", as Argyle referred to it - only to notice that Jonathan looked glum. He asked if his attitude stemmed from his girlfriend, Nancy, ditching him and refusing to visit him during Spring Break. Jonathan protested, claiming that she wasn't ditching him and that she had to work. But Argyle questioned who had to work over Spring Break. He then attempted to break down Jonathan's flawed plan to go with Nancy to Emerson College, in Massachusetts, despite it putting him under financial stress and ultimately not being what he truly wanted to do. Jonathan defended Nancy, saying that she was incredibly ambitious and hardworking, but Argyle remained suspicious.

S4E2-That's a rad shirt, man!

Argyle meeting Mike Wheeler.

On March 22, Argyle carpooled the Byers trio to the Lenora Hills Airport to pick up Mike Wheeler, Nancy's younger brother and Eleven's boyfriend who was visiting for Spring Break. As the three reunited, Argyle complimented Mike's shirt and asked if the brand was Ocean Pacific. Jonathan introduced Mike, and Mike attempted to say hello. Argyle, however, nonchalantly looked at the tags on Mike's shirt and told him it was a "shitty knockoff", but told Mike he would hook him with the "good threads". As the awkwardness set in, Argyle went further and told Mike he'd heard a lot about his sister. As they all acknowledged how awkward the situation was, the group began departing the airport. They left the airport with Jonathan and Argyle walking behind Mike, El, and Will as they made plans to go eat breakfast burritos and spend some time at Rink-O-Mania, a roller rink in Lenora Hills.

Argyle and Jonathan later dropped off Eleven, Mike, and Will off at Rink-O-Mania. The pair then went to an abandoned car lot to hit golf balls at the cars. Argyle listened as Jonathan lamented how a part of him was hoping Nancy would surprise him by being at the airport, but another part of him felt a twinge of relief. Argyle tells him it stems from his "Palm Tree Delight" working its magic. Jonathan asked Argyle if he could keep a secret, to which Argyle told him that he wouldn't tell anyone since Jonathan was his only friend. Jonathan revealed to Argyle that he had been accepted to Lenora Hills Community College (the same college Argyle was going to), and he never even applied to Emerson, saying that he was beginning to have doubts about his relationship with Nancy. Argyle scolded him for lying and not telling the truth to Nancy, but Jonathan said that he can't abandon his family for a dream that isn't his, and said that he would feel guilty if Nancy decided to give up her dreams to go to college with him, believing they'd end up like Jonathan's parents. Stressed, Jonathan asked him what he should do, causing Argyle to tell him to get more Palm Tree Delight. As Jonathan raced into the van, Argyle said, "You got me stressed out, and it's not even my girlfriend."

That evening, the boys (now high) returned to the Rink-O-Mania to pick the kids up, only to find a girl named Angela with a bloody nose and a concussion being tended to by paramedics, with El being the perpetrator. As the crew drove home, Argyle and Jonathan attempted to comfort El, saying it could've been worse as opposed to an ice skate, but this made El feel even worse. Returning to the Byers, the crew were welcomed by Joyce's friend, Murray Bauman, who was cooking risotto for dinner. At the table, Jonathan and Argyle eat the risotto spaced out, with Argyle correcting Jonathan when he mistook the wine for olive oil. Murray was staying the night at the Byers after seeing a client, while Joyce told her kids that she had a surprise "business trip" to Alaska to see the "Britannicas". Argyle asked Murray if Eskimos were domesticated or still "lived in igloos", causing Murray to ask who he was. Joyce turned to Jonathan and told him that he was going to be in charge, but Jonathan disoriented, asked what was going on. Argyle filled in Jonathan on the situation, and Joyce asked what was wrong with her son, while Murray quickly caught on. Jonathan and Argyle explained that they had a "stressful" day since there was a "roller-skate attack", not realizing El and Will were glaring at them. El left the table in a huff, and Murray asked if the tension stemmed from his risotto. Jonathan and Argyle denied this and complimented his dinner, with Argyle saying that his risotto was "schmakin'", causing Murray to say, "Still have no idea who he is".

Two days later, on March 24 at work, Argyle picked up the phone and took a pizza order from the Byers home. As he drove to deliver it, Argyle noticed a plethora of cars parked on the Byers lawn. Argyle initially believed Jonathan had thrown a party without inviting him, but he was surprised when Jonathan ran up to the van and told him to stop the car. Argyle asked what was happening as Jonathan, Mike, Will, and a mortally wounded agent named Harmon piled into the van and yelled at him to drive. Argyle was initially confused and fearfully asked why a man holding a gun was approaching them, causing the crew to scream again for him to drive. Argyle obeyed and hit the gas, driving off.

By the early morning of March 25, the crew was out of Lenora Hills, as Argyle drove while Mike, Will, and Jonathan attempted to put pressure on Harm's gut wound. Jonathan told Argyle that they needed to get to St. Mary's. Argyle said that he did not think praying would help, but Jonathan scolded him and said he meant St. Mary's Hospital. With his dying breath, Agent Harmon told them that Eleven was in danger and they needed to find "Nina" to warn her. Pulling out a pen, the boys attempted to get him to write down a number to find Nina, but Harmon succumbed to his injuries. Panicked, Argyle frantically asked why it was quiet back there all of a sudden. The boys, noticing a car following the van, scream at Argyle to get off the road. Argyle obeyed as the van drove off into the desert.

Later that day, the boys had pulled off to an abandoned junkyard to bury Harmon's corpse. Argyle had begun to suffer from a panic attack, with the boys revealing that "Jane" was named Eleven and had telekinetic abilities that she was being trained to gain back. Jonathan attempted to comfort Argyle and said that they just needed to "open their minds", but this caused Argyle to snap and hyperventilate since they were casually burying someone. Jonathan ran up to him and held him, telling him that everything would be okay and that he should take more Palm Tree Delight. Calming down, Argyle agreed and walked off as he apologized, and Jonathan told him he was fine. Will critiqued Jonathan for suggesting that Argyle needed weed, but an exhausted Jonathan told him he was out of ideas. Soon, Argyle is attempting to make a gravestone for "Unnamed Hero Agent Man" out of a Surfer Boy Pizza box to save them. Jonathan questioned his logic since they spent all day hiding the body and writing their names on the gravestone, but Argyle simply said that they had very "common names", much to Jonathan's frustration. Argyle attempted to use Harmon's pen but got frustrated with how it didn't work. Mike, noticing, ran up to Argyle and took the pen away, snapping it open and discovering the number to call Nina was inside the pen.

That afternoon, the boys drove to a phone booth, with Mike, Will, and Jonathan attempting to call the number. But the reception was nothing more than machine noises, and Mike realized that they were calling a computer. Opening a map, Mike told the crew that they needed a hacker to find Nina, and the closest one he knew was a girl named Suzie Bingham, who lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jonathan, initially confused, cringed when Will reminded him of who Suzie was when he sang lyrics from "Never Ending Story", causing Argyle to say that the film's character, the Nothing Man, scared him.

The next day, the boys arrived at Suzie's home in Salt Lake City. When the group piled out, Argyle said he couldn't feel his butt and asked if anyone felt the same. As they approached the door, Mike told everyone to be on their best behavior due to the Bingham family being Mormon. Argyle defended himself, saying he was "spiritual", but Mike said Suzie's Mormonism was a different kind of "spiritual". The door was opened by Suzie's toddler brother, Cornelius, who ran around like a feral warrior. As the boys walked in, they asked Suzie's younger siblings where Suzie was, but they were ignored. Argyle was entertained by Suzie's siblings play-fighting on top of the dining room table, saying that this "was [his] type of party". As Suzie's older sister, Eden, took Cornelius to time-out due to shutting off the house power, she and Argyle locked eye contact with one another as he followed her upstairs. Eden flustered, asked who he was, and as they introduced themselves, Argyle took note of how Eden was named after the garden. Jonathan interrupted and asked where Suzie was. Eden directed them to the third floor, and as she walked down the stairs, she flirtatiously asked Argyle to give that "selfish, little four-eyed shit" a shove for her. Argyle, smitten, agreed while stuttering.

In Suzie's bedroom, the boys introduced themselves to Suzie and lied about what Nina was. They told her that Nina was a codename for a 16-bit video game console. Argyle joined in on the lie, naming the console "Americantendo", causing Suzie and Mike to comment and say that was a stupid name. They told her that the game was top secret and they needed her to find its location so they could give it to Dustin Henderson, Suzie's long-distance boyfriend, and Mike and Will's best friend, for his birthday. Eden barged in and told Suzie to pull her "damn weight" when babysitting their siblings. Suzie scolded her for her language, causing Eden to mock her and ask if she would "go to hell". Argyle encouraged Eden to tell Suzie off. After she kicked Eden out, Suzie revealed that her computer was taken away after Mr. Bingham discovered that Suzie was dating Dustin, who was agnostic and helped him change his grades. The group then conducted a plan to distract Mr. Bingham and get into his office.

After Cornelius had shut off the power to distract Mr. Bingham, Suzie, Mike, Will, and Jonathan snuck into the office and locked the door. Will and Jonathan were initially concerned about where Argyle had snuck off. After locating Nina's location in Nevada, Suzie and the boys walked outside to the van, where Suzie smelt what she thought was a spooked skunk. The boys noticed the van had smoke and laughter leaking out. As they opened the trunk, they discovered Argyle and Eden leaning on one another and smoking a bong, much to Suzie's shock. Argyle nonchalantly asked his friends if they had any luck finding Nina.

By the morning of March 27, the boys had reached Nevada near Las Vegas. Argyle, now sitting in the driver's seat due to being high, perked up when Jonathan passed a Surfer Boy Pizza sign. Argyle wasn't aware that Surfer Boy Pizza expanded to Nevada and told Jonathan that Domino's had better watch out since their "dominoes were about to fall", much to Jonathan's annoyance.

Nine hours later, the crew had supposedly gotten to Nina's location. Argyle, awoken by the van's jittering, asked if they were there already. Will questioned what he meant by "already' since it had been nine hours. Argyle asked what exactly they were supposed to be looking for. The boys answered to look for a fenced-up building, but Argyle questioned if Nina was a "small woman". Mike insisted Nina wouldn't be that while Will asked how Argyle was still high. Argyle told an exasperated Jonathan that if Nina was a woman small enough, she could be hiding a small tree. Jonathan hit the brakes, causing Argyle to hit his head against the dashboard. Pulling over, Mike, Will, and Jonathan reread Suzie's coordinates. Meanwhile, Argyle called out for Nina in the field, and he was ecstatic to find something. He yelled for his disgruntled friends to come over to him, saying that they needed to "see it to believe it". Reluctantly, the boys caught up to Argyle and crouched down with him to the ground. Argyle said that while he couldn't find a small woman, he did find a sign of life; he pointed to large tire tracks, or as Argyle referred to them, "fatties". Realizing that Argyle was right and that the military on trying to find Nina as well, the crew ran back to the van and followed the tracks.

The boys finally found Eleven, her head now shaved, on the ground amongst a plethora of dead bodies, much to Argyle's horror. As an armed helicopter loomed over her, Jonathan sped the van up to save El. But Eleven gained back control of her powers and forced the helicopter to crash to the ground, causing an explosion and the men inside it to be killed. The van swerved and stopped as the boys jumped out. Mike and Will tearfully reunited with Eleven as Argyle began to have another panic attack seeing the dead bodies and destruction around them. Argyle, along with the rest of the boys, observed Eleven parting ways with Dr. Martin Brenner before they sped off back to the road. Eleven told the boys that they needed to get back to Hawkins as soon as possible since an evil being named Vecna was threatening to kill their friend, Max Mayfield, and destroy the world.

That night, at a gas station, Argyle filled up the Surfer Boy Pizza van as Jonathan called a local airport on the phone to find the soonest flight to Hawkins. The boys were distressed when Jonathan told them the earliest flight was the next morning. Argyle approached them and suggested that Jonathan should ask them if they could ride in the baggage department. Mike said that they would suffocate, but Argyle pointed out that dogs are placed in the baggage department all the time, much to the boys' frustration. Eleven joined in and told them that they could protect their friend, Max, from their current location. Creating a blueprint with the fog on the window, Eleven explained that she would "piggyback" by going into Max's mind and fighting Vecna through there. Argyle called it a "righteous mind fight". Eleven said she would need a bathtub, and Argyle agreed, saying she would need to be clean to enter the mind. Mike corrected him and explained that they would use a bath as a sensory deprivation tank to calm El down and focus on her powers. When trying to figure out where to find salt for the bath, Argyle asked how much would they need and if 600 pounds would suffice. Measuring Eleven's height, Argyle smugly told his friends that he knew a place that had everything his "brave, little superpowered friend" needed. The crew piled back into the van and drove off.

The group was skeptical as Argyle pulled up to a local Surfer Boy Pizza, but Argyle told them to trust him. Inside, the equally stoned but friendly cashier and Argyle greeted one another. Argyle nonchalantly told the cashier that "the weird girl" behind him needed a tub to enhance her powers to fight a "super bad dude", and they required the cashier's kitchen. After Jonathan bribed the cashier to leave by taking Argyle's Palmtree Delight, the crew began to unload the freezer and pull it out to the center of the kitchen. While the boys filled the freezer with water, Argyle began preparing a pizza.

Later on, Argyle interrupted Mike and El's conversation by giving them a pineapple-covered pizza. Argyle asked if too much "flavor awesomeness" would overpower her battery, but El gently shook her head no. Mike was initially disgusted as Argyle told him to "try before he denied". El, taking a bite, nodded in approval and told the boys that it was really good. Mike was still skeptical, but Argyle held his head in place as El attempted to feed him the pizza, both of them yelling that Mike "tried before he denied". The trio were interrupted by Jonathan and Will, who told them that the freezer was ready. The boys gathered around Eleven and lowered into the freezer tub. Her powers caused the lights in the restaurant to flicker, much to Argyle's excitement. El located Max in the Void and saw her possessed by Vecna. She transported herself to one of Max's memories at a skatepark.

There, she noticed a DJ booth oddly placed, and told the boys that she was in another memory, or as Argyle said, "a memory within a memory". The boys noticed the lights pulsating intensely, realizing that El was fighting Vecna. Vecna eventually overpowered Eleven and placed her in a chokehold. The boys, seeing El convulsing, hoisted her out of the freezer and placed her on the table. Mike eventually comforted her and motivated her to fight, temporarily defeating Vecna before he could fully kill Max. However, Vecna successfully opened four gates that ripped through Hawkins.

Two days later, on March 29, the crew had finally arrived at Hawkins. The van was the only thing entering Hawkins while a line of cars were fleeing the town. The crew drove through the wreckage of the gate openings - or what the media perceived as an "earthquake" - as large trails of smoke protruded out from the cracks and the military directed the van away. The van finally pulled up to Mike's home, where El, Mike, Will, and Jonathan reunited with Karen, Mike's mother, Nancy, and El, Mike, Will, and Jonathan's friends Dustin, Steve, and Robin.

That afternoon, the crew (along with Nancy) arrived at Eleven's old home, a cabin where she lived with her father, Jim Hopper. Inside, they found the cabin a complete wreck, and Argyle was skeptical that they could hide "Supergirl" inside it. But Nancy jokingly told them that she had seen Mike's bedroom worse than this, causing Argyle to call her brutal. Outside, while Jonathan and Nancy attempted to board up a broken window with a piece of wood, Nancy observed Argyle crouching on the ground. Nancy asked Jonathan what his friend was doing. Jonathan looked and said he was gathering mushrooms, telling Nancy that his friend was a little on the eccentric side.


In comparison to his quiet and shy best friend Jonathan, Argyle is extremely laid-back and relaxed, most likely stemming from his 4/20 lifestyle and smoking marijuana.

Argyle is shown to panic rather easily at gruesome and gory sights, asking panicked questions as Jonathan, Mike, Will, and Agent Harmon ordered him to drive. When burying Harmon's corpse, Argyle began to have a panic attack over the revelation, and it wasn't until Jonathan suggested that he smoked more weed that he eventually calmed down. When seeing a plethora of corpse surrounding Eleven, Argyle once again began to hyperventilate.

Argyle is also shown to be a very kind person. He constantly has an uplifting attitude and has no problems with driving his friends places in his van. Additionally, when Agent Harmon died from his wounds, Argyle crafted a makeshift headstone for him. Despite not even knowing Harmon's name, Argyle wanted to commemorate his sacrifice. However, this also showed that Argyle seems to lack critical thinking, as he signed the headstone with all of their names, despite them trying to leave no trace of their whereabouts. This was seen earlier when Argyle arrived at the Byers' residence and saw several military-style SUVs parked on the lawn. He apparently didn't consider this strange and instead assumed they belonged to guests of a party Jonathan was throwing. Despite this, Argyle is not outright unintelligent. When he, Jonathan, Mike and Will were lost trying to find The Nina Project, Argyle stumbled upon some tires in the dirt and correctly identified them as military, pointing them all in the right direction.



According to Argyle himself, Jonathan is his only friend, meaning prior to Jonathan's arrival to Lenora Hills, he was a rather lonely boy. Argyle introduced Jonathan to weed as a way to release stress from college and his relationship with his long-distance girlfriend, Nancy. He also helps Jonathan and his younger siblings carpool to school since Jonathan's car broke down. When Argyle observes Nancy isn't coming to Lenora Hills for Spring Break alongside her brother, Argyle speculates that Nancy is ditching Jonathan and also pokes holes at his flawed plan to go to Emerson College alongside her. Though Jonathan denies this, he eventually reveals he got an acceptance letter for Lenora Hills Community College, where Argyle is going, and that he has no intentions of leaving Lenora. Argyle tells him he shouldn't have lied to her, and soon caused the both of them to become overwhelmed and smoke "Purple Palm Tree Delight", with Argyle saying "[Jonathan] has gotten him so stressed, and [she's] not even my girlfriend". Argyle soon reluctantly joins Jonathan, Will, and Mike to drive across the country back to Indiana to save Jonathan's younger sister, Jane. When Argyle has a panic attack in the desert after burying the dead Agent Harmon, Jonathan shook him and tells him to calm down, reminding him of Purple Palm Tree Delight. Argyle relaxed and walked back to his van, apologizing for his outburst, and Jonathan told him it was okay.

When Argyle wanted to make a headstone for the deceased Agent Harmon, Jonathan, despite understanding his motive, did not think it would be a good idea as it would give away their names. However, after finding the number to locate the Nina Project, Argyle and Jonathan, along with Mike and Will, traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to seek Suzie Bingham's help in locating the facility, with Jonathan telling Argyle to be on his best behavior as Suzie's family were Mormons. Later, while traveling through Nevada to locate the facility, Jonathan started to grow frustrated, thinking they were lost until Argyle found tire tracks and identified them belonging to military vehicles, allowing them to rescue Eleven in time. After that, Argyle and Jonathan worked together in building a sensory deprivation tank at Surfer Boy Pizza so Eleven could use her powers to fight Vecna from Nevada where the two kept watch over her, along with helping her as she fought Vecna. Two days later, Argyle and Jonathan traveled to Hawkins together and joined the rest of their friends in rebuilding Hopper's cabin.

Argyle had no problems carpooling Jonathan's younger siblings to school, Eleven - or "Jane" as she went by now publicly - included. Eleven referred to Argyle in her letters to Mike as "Jonathan's funny friend" whose hair was longer than hers, but she was cordial to him. When picking up Mike, El, and Will from the Rink-O-Mania after El had hit Angela in the face with a roller skate, Argyle and Jonathan (while high from smoking weed) attempted to comfort her, saying Angela would be fine, but they only made it worse by joking about it. When Argyle discovered that Jane was a test subject named Eleven and had been taken to get her telekinetic powers back, Argyle found the revelation to be overwhelming at first, but he soon helped the Byers boys and Mike to find El before discovering her location in Nevada. After rescuing Eleven, Argyle was willingly to help Eleven build a sensory deprivation tank for her to use so she could battle Vecna and save her friends in Hawkins. Argyle also provided pizza for Eleven and Mike, looking happy that she liked his pineapple pizza. As Eleven fought Vecna, Argyle kept watch over her and after she temporarily defeated Vecna, Argyle and Eleven traveled back to Hawkins together.

In 1986, after meeting Will and Jonathan, Argyle had no problems carpooling Will and his sister, Jane to school everyday. Though Will was annoyed with Argyle smoking weed with his brother and his laid-back personality, Will did have a good relationship with him. When Jonathan suggested to Argyle to go smoke some weed after being freaked over Agent Harmon's death, the existence of the Upside Down, and Jane being a former test subject known as Eleven, Will was irritated over this. However, Will did allow Argyle to help him, Jonathan, and Mike to search for Eleven and travel across the country to get to Hawkins, Indiana. After finding and saving Eleven, Will and Argyle worked together in building a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven so she could battle Vecna. Two days later, Will and Argyle traveled to Hawkins together.

In 1986, Argyle first met Mike at the airport when he came to visit Eleven for spring break. When Jonathan introduced them to one another, Argyle at first, appeared to hug Mike, when in reality he checked the tags on his California-like outfit and told him that his shirt was a "shitty knock-off" but he'll hook him up with the "good threads". After a moment of silence, Argyle told Mike that Jonathan has told him a lot about his sister, Nancy, causing even further awkwardness. Argyle soon reluctantly joined Jonathan, Will, and Mike to drive across the country back to Indiana to save Eleven. When Argyle was able to find tire tracks, Mike was able to identify them belonging to military vehicles and they were able to rescue Eleven. Argyle later teased Mike for not wanting to try pineapple on pizza, telling him to "try before he [denies]". Yet, the two were able to work together in helping Eleven fight Vecna and two days later, Mike and Argyle traveled to Hawkins together.

Argyle first met Eden, the eldest child of the Bingham household, when arriving in Utah in need of her younger sister Suzie's help finding El's location. Eden asked Argyle who he was in bewilderment, and Argyle stuttered his way to introducing himself. When Eden introduced herself, Argyle became smitten and sighed she was named "like the garden". As Eden directed the quartet to Suzie's room, she told them to give that "selfish, four-eyed shit" a shove for her, not breaking eye contact with Argyle as she walked down the stairs. Argyle said he will do anything for her as he slowly followed his friends. Later on, as Eden came into Suzie's room and reprimanded her for not helping around the house, Argyle said, "You tell her, Eden". When Suzie, Mike, Will, and Jonathan sneak into Mr. Bingham's office to use the computer, Argyle sneaked away to smoke weed with Eden, only to get caught by his friends after they finished finding Eleven's location.


Season Four appearances
The Hellfire Club Vecna's Curse The Monster and the Superhero
Dear Billy The Nina Project The Dive
The Massacre at Hawkins Lab Papa The Piggyback

Memorable Quotes[]

  • ”Hold onto your butts, brochachos.”
  • “What do you think, Byers? I call it a weeder. You get it man, like a weeder? Weeder.."
  • "Palmtree delight, that's what you gotta do!"
  • "Got me stressed out and it's not even my girlfriend.”
  • "This risotto is schmackin', dude."
  • "Oh, my God, why is that guy holding a gun?!"
  • "I don't think praying is gonna help that dude, man!"
  • "Since when did we decide Nina was a physical building and not a small woman?"
  • "Holy macaroni."
  • "My dudes! My dudes!"
  • "These are no regular tire tracks, brochachos. I mean, look at the tread on these monsters. They're fatties."
  • "I know of a magical place that has all you need, my brave little superpowered friend! That mind fight is on."
  • "You see this weird girl behind me? She needs a tub with a bunch of salt so we can enhance her psychic powers so she can save the world from this super bad dude."

Behind the scenes[]

The description of Argyle was first reported in 2019, described as a "stoner type with a deep chill philosophical vibe",[3] being compared to Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.[4] His character and name was first revealed on November 20, 2020 via the show's official social media accounts along with several other new characters.[5] Actor Finn Wolfhard (who portrays Mike Wheeler) mentioned in an interview that Eduardo Franco's stoner character (referring to Argyle) was "brilliant".[6] Wolfhard even recommended Franco to the Duffer Brothers after seeing his work in Booksmart, around the same time the Duffer Brothers were casting the character.

Argyle's namesake derives from the movie Die Hard (1988), which features a character of the same name; they both act as transportation for the main character, and become instrumental to the plot. His personality and appearance was based on the characters of Slater in Dazed and Confused (1993) and Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). The friendship between Jonathan and Argyle is derived from the friendship of Bill and Ted in the film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989).[6]


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  • As Eduardo Franco will likely not return for the final season,[2] it could be speculated that Argyle went back to Lenora after dropping the Byers and Mike back in Hawkins.
  • Argyle is the third person of color to join the main cast, behind the Sinclair siblings, and the fifth person of color overall.
  • Argyle's name may be inspired by a character of the same name in the 1988's Die Hard. In the show Argyle drives the party around in his pizza delivery truck, while the Argyle in the film serves as John McClane's (Bruce Willis') limo driver.
  • According to costume designer, Amy Parris, the bracelets Argyle wears were made by her friends' daughters, who were asked to make them for her.
  • Eduardo Franco has speculated that in 2022, Argyle would be either a conspiracy theorist or "on the run."[7]
  • Argyle also refers to the people he talks to as "my dude" or "my dudes".
  • Argyle plans to go Lenora Hills Community College after high school.
  • Argyle's yellow Surfer Boy Pizza visor features three pins. The two on the left are button pins,[8] while the one on the right is an enamel pin.[9] If paused at the right moment, they can be made out. From left to right, they are as follows:
    • The first is a white button pin with the words "PURR-FECT ATTENDANCE" and a line drawing of a cat in black.
    • The second, a yellow button pin, has a black musical staff with red heart-shaped notes and the words "MUSIC LOVERS TAKE NOTES" also in red.
    • The third, an enamel pin, features the words "PLAY ME OR TRADE ME" in blue and red/orange against a white background.
  • As an extremely light-hearted and comedic character, Argyle was narratively intended to provide levity as the show's tone grows darker and darker thanks to the threat of Vecna. While Dustin Henderson and Murray Bauman did serve this purpose in previous seasons, even they have become considerably more serious and grounded in the face of overwhelming darkness, which in Argyle's case, is not the same.
  • "The Massacre at Hawkins Lab" is the only episode of the fourth season that Argyle does not appear in.