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Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco[1], is a main character in Stranger Things, being Introduced in the fourth season. He is the best friend of Jonathan Byers upon his move to California, and delivers pizzas for Surfer Boy Pizza.


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In comparison to his quiet and shy best friend Jonathan, Argyle is described as a "stoner type with a deep chill philosophical vibe"[2], being compared to Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.[3] This is seen throughout the fourth season. Argyle is extremely laid-back and relaxed; likely a result of him smoking marijuana often. He also appears to panic easily, as when he saved Jonathan, Will and Mike from Colonel Sullivan's soldiers, he was so disturbed by the sight of a mortally wounded Agent Harmon and soldiers wielding rifles that Argyle momentarily stopped from escaping to sit there and ask panicked questions. He later did the same thing when Agent Harmon passed away; it took Jonathan, Will and Mike screaming at him to snap him out of a panicked state.

Argyle is also shown to be a very kind person. He constantly has an uplifting attitude and has no problems with driving his friends places in his van. Additionally, when Agent Harmon died from his wounds, Argyle crafted a makeshift headstone for him. Despite not even knowing Harmon's name, Argyle wanted to commemorate his sacrifice. However, this also showed that Argyle seems to lack critical thinking, as he signed the headstone with all of their names, despite them trying to leave no trace of their whereabouts. This was seen earlier when Argyle arrived at the Byers' residence and saw several military-style SUVs parked on the lawn. He apparently didn't consider this strange and instead assumed they belonged to guests of a party Jonathan was throwing.



According to Argyle himself, Jonathan is his only friend, meaning prior to Jonathan's arrival to Lenora Hills, he was a rather lonely boy. Argyle introduced Jonathan to weed as a way to release stress from college and his relationship with his long-distance girlfriend, Nancy. He also helps Jonathan and his younger siblings carpool to school since Jonathan's car broke down. When Argyle observes Nancy isn't coming to Lenora Hills for Spring Break alongside her brother, Argyle speculates that Nancy is ditching Jonathan and also pokes holes at his flawed plan to go to Emerson College alongside her. Though Jonathan denies this, he eventually reveals he got an acceptance letter for Lenora Hills Community College, where Argyle is going, and that he has no intentions of leaving Lenora. Argyle tells him he shouldn't have lied to her, and soon caused the both of them to become overwhelmed and smoke "Purple Palm Tree Delight", with Argyle saying "[Jonathan] has gotten him so stressed, and [she's] not even my girlfriend". Argyle soon reluctantly joins Jonathan, Will, and Mike to drive across the country back to Indiana to save Jonathan's younger sister, Jane. When Argyle has a panic attack in the desert after burying the agent, Jonathan shakes him and tells him to calm down, reminding him of Purple Palm Tree Delight. Argyle relaxes and walks back to van, apologizing for his outburst, and Jonathan tells it's okay. Will reprimands Jonathan for letting Argyle smoke more weed, but Jonathan doesn't have any better ideas. It is later revealed that Argyle has a big crush on Jonathan and dreams of dating him.


Argyle has no problems carpooling Jonathan's younger siblings to school, Eleven - or "Jane" as she goes by now publicly - included. Eleven refers to Argyle in her letters to Mike as "Jonathan's funny friend" whose hair is longer than hers. When picking up Mike, El, and Will from the Rink-O-Mania after El hit Angela in the face with a roller skate, Argyle and Jonathan (while high) attempt to comfort her and say Angela would be fine, but they only make it worse by joking about it. When Argyle discovers that Jane is really named Eleven and has been taken to get her telekinetic powers back, Argyle finds at first the revelation to be overwhelming, but he soon helps the Byers boys and Mike to find where El is located in Nevada.

Will Byers

Argyle has no problems carpooling Jonathan's younger siblings to school, Will included. Argyle soon reluctantly joins Jonathan, Will, and Mike to drive across the country back to Indiana to save Will's sister, Jane. Will is shown to get easily annoyed by Argyle's habit of suggesting everything should involve weed.

Mike Wheeler

Mike, Jane's boyfriend and Will's best friend from their hometown, comes to see them for Spring Break, and meets Argyle when arriving at the airport. When Jonathan introduces them to one another, Argyle at appears to hug Mike, when in reality he checks the tags on his California-like outfit and tells him that his shirt is a "shitty knock-off" but he'll hook him up with the "good threads". After a moment of silence, Argyle tells Mike that Jonathan has told him a lot about his sister, Nancy, causing even further awkwardness. Argyle soon reluctantly joins Jonathan, Will, and Mike to drive across the country back to Indiana to save Jane.

Eden Bingham

Argyle first met Eden, the eldest child of the Bingham household, when arriving in Utah in need of her younger sister Suzie's help finding El's location. Eden asks Argyle who he is in bewilderment, and Argyle stutters his way to introducing himself. When Eden introduces himself, Argyle becomes smitten and sighs that she is named "after the garden". As Eden directs the quartet to Suzie's room, she tells them to give that "selfish, four-eyed shit" a shove for her, not breaking eye contact with Argyle as she walks down the stairs. Argyle says he will do anything for her as he slowly follows his friends. Later on, as Eden comes into Suzie's room and reprimands her for not helping around the house, Argyle says, "You tell her, Eden". When Suzie, Mike, Will, and Jonathan sneak into Mr. Bingham's office to use the computer, Argyle sneaks away. After finding the location of El in Nevada, the boys and Suzie discover smoke coming from the Surfer Boy Pizza van and open the trunk to find Argyle and Eden laying on one another with bongs in hand, shocking Suzie.


Season Four appearances
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Memorable Quotes

  • "Surf's up. Surfer boy pizza, this is Argyle speaking. We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy except for our pineapple, which comes from a can. But I still highly recommend slapping some pineapple on your pie. Oh, fruit on your pizza is gnarly, you say? Well, I say try before you deny. Hello?"

Behind the scenes

His character was first revealed on November 20, 2020 via the show's official social media accounts along with several other new characters.[1] Actor Finn Wolfhard (who portrays Mike Wheeler) mentioned in an interview that Eduardo Franco's stoner character (referring to Argyle) was "brilliant".[4]. Wolfhard even recommended Franco to the Duffer Brothers after seeing his work in "Booksmart", around the same time the Duffer Brothers were casting the character.[1]



  • His name is likely a reference to Die Hard (1988), in which Argyle was the limo driver assigned to pick up John McClane from LAX and transport him to the Nakatomi Plaza.
  • His long hair sticking out of his hat and his stoner attitude is probably a reference to Slater in Dazed and Confused.