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Anniston and Tinsley Price (born August 4th, 2012) are identical twins who are best known for their portrayal of Holly Wheeler in the Netflix original television series Stranger Things. They have an older brother called Brayden.

They also portrayed Judith Grimes in the AMC's The Walking Dead.



Year Title Role
2016 The Divergent Series: Allegiant Perfexia Toddler (uncredited)
2018 Trial by Fire  Older Karmon
2018 Galveston Young Tiffany
2018 Forever My Girl Sam's Daughter (uncredited)


Year Title Role
2013, 2016 The Walking Dead Judith Grimes
2016-present Stranger Things Holly Wheeler


  • Anniston & Tinsley are the first of two sets of twins to have portrayed Judith Grimes on AMC'S The Walking Dead to join the cast of Stranger Things, the second of which being Charlotte and Clara Ward, who portrayed a child Eleven in Stranger Things 2.
  • Anniston & Tinsley were afraid of the Demogorgon back in Season 1. So the other cast and crew members told them that the Demogorgon was like in Monsters. Inc., and they were no longer afraid.
  • Their parents' names are Kristen and Nathan.
  • They met other famous celebs like Elle Fanning and Lili Reinhart.
  • They are the younger's Stranger Things cast.
  • They turned 3 when we started filming Season 1.
  • They were 6 at the end of Season 3.
  • Their Instagram Account is managed by their Mom.
  • They were 12 months old when they were in The Walking Dead.
  • They do Gymnastics.
  • The line when Joyce asks Holly if she saw anything in Will's room and she says "yes" was actually unscripted.
  • Anniston, Tinsley and their brother Brayden can play Piano.