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Angela, portrayed by Elodie Grace Orkin[1], is a recurring antagonist in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Angela is a popular student at Lenora Hills High School. She and her boyfriend Jake would frequently bully fellow student Jane Hopper (Eleven), which eventually led Jane to attack Angela, giving her a concussion.


Angela was born in approximately 1971. By 1985, she became a freshman at Lenora Hills High School, gaining popularity, a friend group, and her boyfriend, Jake. In the fall of that year, two new students from Hawkins, Indiana, arrived at Lenora Hills, Jane Hopper, and her brother, Will Byers. Angela and her posse quickly took it upon herself to make Jane miserable due to her timid and awkward nature.


On March 21, 1986, the last day of school before Spring Break, each student in Angela's history class had to make an oral presentation about an historical hero, using a visual aid. When Jane arrived and sat down, Jake blew a spitball at her through a straw, causing him and Angela to laugh at her. Jane merely wiped it off and looked down. Later on, Angela presented Helen Keller as her hero using a slideshow, and got applause from the class and the teacher, Ms. Gracie. Jane made the next presentation. Jane had made a diorama about her father, Jim Hopper, and the cabin that they both lived in together. As Jane struggled to say the word "diorama", Jake took advantage of this by calling it "diarrhea", causing the class (including a naive Jane) to laugh until Ms. Gracie tells them to quiet down. Jane continues and talks about the traps her father made and a pet squirrel she named "Mr. Fibley", causing the class to snicker even more. Jane begins to stutter out of embarrassment when Angela purposefully raised her hand. Ms. Gracie asks if she could wait until Jane's presentation was over to ask questions. Angela says she was confused since the guidelines for the project stated that it had to be about a famous historical figure. Jane says that her father is famous since he was in a paper, but Angela smugly asks if she means her local town paper. Jane, fighting back tears, said her father is a hero because he died saving lives in a mall fire. Angela, realizing how bad she looks, saves face by saying that's not what she had meant and wanted to have clarity on the assignment. Ms. Gracie says that while Angela is technically correct, she'll allow Jane to do her project on her father, but Angela's words had already hurt Jane's feelings.

Later that day, Jane walks across the campus when Angela trips her and causes her to drop her project. She and her posse laugh as Angela sarcastically asks if "Mr. Fibley was okay". As they walk off, Jake and his friend purposely jump on Jane's diorama, destroying the cabin and her figurine of Hopper. Jane, enraged, calls out to Angela and attempts to use her powers. She screams as she points her hand at Angela, but nothing happens. Angela asks what that was supposed to be, causing the crowd that gathered around her to laugh uncontrollably, further embarrassing Jane. Ms. Gracie makes her way through the crowd and asks if Jane is okay, asking if someone purposely destroyed her project. Jane lies, saying she accidentally tripped and stares down at the floor, but Ms. Gracie realizes the truth when she sees Angela and her crew avoiding eye contact. Ms. Gracie, angered, takes Angela by the arm and takes her to the principal's office. Angela says she didn't do anything and calls for Jane, asking her to tell Ms. Gracie that she was innocent, but Jane is upset to say anything.

On March 22, Angela, Jake, and their friends arrive at Rink-O-Mania and see Jane skating with a boy they do not recognize. One of Angela's friends asks who the "twig" is, and Angela says while she doesn't know, she concludes that "the snitch" has a boyfriend and begins hatching a plan. Later on, Jane sits with her boyfriend, Mike, and Will drinking milkshakes, when Angela and her friends walk up to their table. Angela asks Jane why she's been hiding her boyfriend, and El nervously introduces her to Mike. Mike, having been told by Jane that Angela is her friend, says it's nice to meet Jane's new friends. Angela, taking advantage of this, tells Jane she wants her to skate with them. Jane says she wants to finish her food, but Jake forcefully snatches her milkshake and says he'll hold onto it for her. Angela then grabs Jane by the arm and leads her to the roller rink. Will, noticing what's going on, sees one of Angela's friends holding a video camera. Jane looks apprehensive, but Angela mockingly says that they're just having fun as she leads her to the center of the rink. She tells her to stay put as she skates off while snickering. The music playing cuts off when the D.J. dedicates the next song to Jane, "the local snitch". As the song, Wipe Out, is put on, Angela's friends begin circling and skating around Jane as they call her a "freak", "loser", and "crybaby". As Jane begins to tear up and cry, Angela's friend records the humiliation as Angela and her posse continue to circle around her. After Mike tells the D.J. to turn the music off, the circle around Jane disbands as the D.J. yells, "Wipeout!" and Jake throws the milkshake on Jane's dress, causing her to fall onto her back. The crowd begins to laugh and Angela smugly skates up to her and says, "Didn't you read the sign, dummy? No food or drinks on the rink!" Jane is left to pick herself and skate away in tears as the crowd and Angela taunt her.

Jane sits in the storage closet in tears, wiping off the milkshake off of her face when she hears Angela and her friends laughing over the video they recorded through the window of the storage room. Jane angrily storms out and confronts Angela and tells her she ruined her day. Angela mockingly asks if she embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend. Jane tearfully asks her to apologize and tell Mike it was a joke and that they're really friends. Angela then teasingly asks if Jane will do her "mean stare" again if she doesn't comply, causing her crew to snicker. Angela says she's sorry that Jane can't cry to the teacher so she should cry to her father instead but says that she can't do that either with a smirk on her face. Her posse walks away laughing and leaves Jane's rage to boil. Jane then follows behind them, grabbing a skate from a customer and calls out to Angela. When she spins around, Jane clocks Angela in the face with the foot of the skate, causing her to scream and fall to the floor. Jake and her friends ask if she's alright and pick her up, only to find that Angela's nose has a gash and is gushing blood. Jane, snapping back to reality, realizes what she has done as a crowd - including Mike and Will - gather in shock while Angela begins to wail and cry in pain. Soon, an ambulance arrives, with a paramedic asking Angela questions concerning her memories and what parts of her face hurt. Mike, Jane, and Will are picked by Jane and Will's brother Jonathan and his friend Argyle where Jane feels incredibly guilty for her actions. It can be assumed Angela was taken to a hospital.

The next morning, two police officers arrive at the Byers home to arrest Jane for assaulting Angela, who is revealed to have suffered a grade 2 concussion. Due to her mother being out of town, Jane could not be bailed out and is taken to a juvenile detention center, but the van is stopped on the way by several vehicles containing federal agents, led by Dr. Sam Owens. Dr. Owens and the agents take Jane away from the police driver. That evening, Jane and Dr. Owens meet in a diner. Jane asks if she's in trouble for the altercation with Angela, but Sam comforts her and tells her he will make the charges against Jane go away immediately.


Angela is snarky, rude, dishonest, and overall very coldhearted. She has no qualms bullying Jane simply for doing anything, taking advantage of her timid nature and ruthlessly humiliating her. Angela has no sense of morality and is quite shocked when she got sent to the principal's office for destroying Jane's project, believing she did not do anything wrong. Angela is shown to be very illogical and stupid, calling Jane a snitch despite Angela herself getting caught in the act. Angela also holds no remorse for her actions and doesn't hesitate to violate boundaries, making fun of Jane's deceased father, which led to Jane retaliating violently by hitting her hard in the face with a roller skate.



Jake is Angela's boyfriend.

Eleven and Angela are enemies. She takes every opportunity that she gets to bully Eleven. It is unknown if after the beating with the skate Angela will bother her again.


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  • Angela's presentation on Helen Keller was hypocritical. Angela praised Keller specifically for how she demonstrated that disabled people shouldn't be dismissed and insulted, but Angela was cruel towards those with social issues.
  • Angela was inspired by Stephen King's Carrie character Chris Hargensen, as they like bullying protagonist (Angela is bullying Eleven, and Chris is bullying Carrie White).
  • Angela also bears similarities to the urban legend of Mary Ann Sawford, a cruel and vain girl who annoyed everyone who was not as attractive as her, including a hunchbacked girl named Elisabeth who, tired of the abuse, filled a pan with hot oil and threw it at Mary Ann in the face, in the same way as Jane hit Angela in the face leaving a deep cut and a possible scar.