Andrew Rich was a character introduced in the Stranger Things novel Suspicious Minds. He was Terry's boyfriend and the father of Jane Hopper.



Andrew grew up with relatively well off parents who paid his way through college.

Andrew and Terry's mutual friend Stacy introduced them and they immediately got along and hit it off. Although Terry and Andrew never had the discussion about their future or getting married,

After protesting Nixon's Address to the Nation November 3, 1969, Andrew was arrested, jeopardizing his status as a student. Later, Andrew was expelled and his status as a student stripped, making him eligible for the Vietnam draft.

Unbeknownst to him and Terry, Dr. Brenner pulled strings to expel and draft Andrew to war. Brenner wanted to instill fear in Terry and punish her for finding Kali in the facility.

Inevitably, Andrew was shipped off to Vietnam where he was killed in battle. Andrew never learned of Terry's pregnancy before his death.

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