Alice Johnson is a character first introduced in Stranger Things Season 1 as an unnamed character in a photograph. The tie-in novel Suspicious Minds later gave her name and shed light upon her backstory. She participated in the MKUltra experiments along with Terry Ives, Gloria Flowers, and Ken.



Alice grew up in a family with many brothers. Instead of attending college like many people her age, Alice works for her uncle where she works on heavy equipment repair.


Upon coming across a newspaper ad seeking "college age women with remarkable skills", Alice applied to the ad and received a letter requesting she attend an on campus preliminary screening conducted by Hawkins International Laboratory. Alice passed the screening and became a test subject with Terry, Gloria, and Ken.

During her very first session in the lab under the influence of LSD, Dr. Brenner saw potential in her reaction and instructed his subordinates to begin electrotherapy. Confused and in pain, Alice found herself in a strange place with ash falling from the sky.

As the experiments continued on, Alice became more paranoid and afraid of Brenner and the lab. Her visions became stronger, allowing her to see the Demogorgon and other strange events. She could not decipher what the visions meant and questioned her sanity.


As Alice and the group learned more about the secrets of Hawkins Lab, Kali, and other experiments Brenner conducted on children, Alice grew more and paranoid Brenner would discover her visions might not be wild delusions.

Together, they realized Alice's visions were of the future, making their relationship with the lab even more troubling.

Following the discovery the lab made efforts to keep them from leaving and Terry's pregnancy, they started formulating a plan to go into hiding. Before they could enact their plans, Brenner filed emergency commitment and she was seized by uniformed men and held captive in the lab. From Kali, Brenner learned Alice kept her abilities secret, but he did not yet know she had future sight.

Despite the setback in their plans, Terry, Gloria, and Ken manages to pull it together and helped Alice escape the lab by faking her death with Kali's help. Upon leaving the lab, they disguise Alice and send her away to Canada to hide and keep the future away from Brenner. Before she leaves, Alice offers to tell Terry her future where she was tortured by Brenner for a final time, but Terry declined to know.


Personality and Traits

Alice is best described as a tomboy. Alice isn't shy, but also not particularly outgoing. Alice has strong interest in machines, repair, and learning how every piece of technology ticks. Whether it's cars, electroshock machinery, or large farming equipment, Alice is interested.


Psychic abilities

  • Future Sight: Under the influence of LSD and electricity, Alice is able to astral project into the future. Alice witnessed the Upside Down, the Demogorgon, the Demodogs, Terry being tortured, and 011 participating in a multitude of experiments.
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