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Please! Just... promise me you won't kill her.

–Agent Wallace

Agent Wallace, portrayed by Kendrick Cross, is a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things.



At some point, Wallace received bodyguard training and ended up working for Sam Owens.


Wallace, alongside his partner Harmon, are first seen when they caught Eleven after she attempted to escape from the police prisoner transport van. Later that evening, Agents Wallace and Harmon stood guard outside a diner while Eleven and Dr. Owens met inside.

The next day, Agents Wallace and Harmon were assigned to protect Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, and Mike Wheeler from the military while Dr. Owens took Eleven to project NINA, where work would be done to get her powers back. Wallace and Harmon stayed in the Byers' California residence. He and Harmon ordered pizza. When the doorbell rang, Wallace answered it but encountered a soldier instead of a pizza delivery man. The soldier said "Hello there" before shooting Wallace in the abdomen. Wallace fell to the ground but Harmon managed to evacuate the kids. Later, Lt. Colonel Jack Sullivan found Wallace alive on the floor, and told him he would live if he gave Sullivan information.

Sullivan took Wallace to a location where he was beaten and locked into a steel box until he revealed Eleven's location. Wallace managed to withstand torture for a long period of time. Eventually, Wallace revealed Eleven's location under the condition that Sullivan would not kill her.


Wallace is a man who believes in doing what's right. He believes Eleven is crucial to the safety of America and the world as a whole, and is hired to protect her friends, which he likely would have done had he not been shot in the abdomen. He resists torture for a long period of time before he reveals Eleven's location, however, he still pleads to Lt. Colonel Sullivan that they not hurt her, proving he is a good man and loyal towards his cause and organization.


Wallace is somewhat skilled at resisting torture. He was willing to undergo a long period of being locked in a steel box as well as undergoing physical abuse before he gave in and told Lt. Colonel Sullivan where Eleven was. He is also likely a skilled combatant, as although it is never shown, he was trained and has the same job as Agent Harmon.



Agent Harmon

Wallace had a professional yet friendly relationship with Agent Harmon. They were shown relaxing together while watching TV and ordering pizza. Their relationship unfortunately is over, as Harmon is dead.

Jack Sullivan

Wallace presumably has an understandable hatred towards Lt. Colonel Sullivan. While both men are doing what they think is best to serve America, Sullivan is hunting down Eleven, who Wallace believes to be crucial. Sullivan tortured Wallace by shoving him into a steel box for hours at a time, as well as physical abuse.


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