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An unnamed male was an undercover agent for Hawkins National Laboratory, posing as a repairman.



After discovering that Will Byers had been taken by a creature from another dimension, Dr. Martin Brenner decided to investigate the Byers residence. An agent disguised as a repairman knocked on the Byers' front door to see if anyone was home. When he received no answer, he notified Brenner, as well as a few other agents, that the premises was clear for investigation.

When the Heathkit was destroyed, Principal Coleman hired the repairman to inspect the device. As the agent was looking over the damage, Coleman told him about Mr. Clarke, adding that he ran the AV Club. The agent used this knowledge to tip-off agent Connie Frazier in the search for Eleven.

The agent stationed himself outside of the Wheeler and Sinclair residences, where he was spotted by Lucas as he was leaving to search for the Gate. Later, as Mike, Eleven, and Dustin were returning to Mike's basement, the agent notified the lab of their whereabouts.


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