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I shoot! You run!

–Agent Harmon

Agent Harmon, portrayed by Ira Amyx, was a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things.



At some point, Harmon received highly reputable training and ended up working for Sam Owens.


Harmon, alongside his partner Wallace, are first seen when they caught Eleven after she attempted to escape from the police prisoner transport van. Later that evening, Agents Wallace and Harmon stood guard outside a diner while Eleven and Dr. Owens met inside.

The next day, Agents Wallace and Harmon were assigned to protect Will Byers, Jonathan Byers, and Mike Wheeler at the Byers' house. US Army Lt. Colonel Sullivan's soldiers found them and came in shooting. Wallace was wounded but Harmon managed to shoot a few of Sullivan's men before getting shot himself. Will, Jonathan, and Mike dragged Harmon out to Argyle's van. They escaped together in the van. During the drive, the kids asked Harmon where they could find Eleven. Harmon told them they had to find NINA. Harmon gave them a pen, and told them there was a number. The kids thought that NINA was a person and asked Harmon to tell them the telephone number. Harmon died without revealing the number.

Later, Argyle made a grave for him and wanted to write "Unknown Hero Agent Man", who "Saved Argyle, Jonathan, Will and Mike from certain death" on a pizza box as a grave marker. However, the pen that Harmon had given them did not work. Mike realized that the pen itself was the message that Harmon was trying to give them. Inside the pen was a slip of paper with a telephone number written on it.


Harmon was shown to be very responsive, as he was quick to burst into action when the Lt. Colonel Sullivan's US Army soldiers raided the Byer's home in California. He was also shown to have some sense of doing what is right, as he did his duty of risking his life to protect those under his protection, as well as informing them of how to find their friend right before he died.


Harmon was an immensely skilled bodyguard armed with his Beretta 92fs pistol, was able to kill multiple armed US Army soldiers, all while preventing Will, Mike, and Jonathan from getting killed.



Agent Wallace

Harmon had a professional yet friendly relationship with Agent Wallace. They were shown relaxing together while watching TV and ordering pizza.


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