Stranger Things Wiki
user rules and guidelines
All users regardless of position must abide by these rules. If a user is not following the wiki's rules, please direct them to this page.
  • Due to the content and themes of Stranger Things, it is advised that users be at least 13 years or older to edit this wiki.
  • All users should be civil and courteous to one another. Do NOT insult users who have less experience, whose edits are not following the wiki's standards, or for having different opinions than yours.
  • Absolutely no sexist, homophobic, racist, or any other derogatory remarks targeted towards any group of people are permitted.
  • No inappropriate or hateful comments regarding the actors and actresses will be allowed.
  • Users are expected to respect and follow the requests and decisions made by the wiki's staff.
  • Members of the wiki's staff are expected to be willing to help users.
  • Users are free to customize their profiles as they see fit, as long as the content doesn't conflict with the rules on this page.
  • No sexual or explicit content will be permitted on the wiki, unless within context of the source material (e.g. Nancy and Steve's relationship).
  • All files uploaded to the wiki for personal use on profiles should be placed in Category:User files. If not, the user will be given a warning. If the file is still not categorized properly after the user has been warned, the file will be deleted.
  • Before uploading fan content that you did not create yourself, please get permission from the original creator.
  • If you have discovered that something you created is being used without your consent, please contact a member of the wiki's staff and the file in question will be removed.
  • Any files that break the rules may be deleted without warning. However, the user will be notified that the file was deleted, as well as the reason why.
  • Do NOT edit another user's profile without their permission.
  • If a user's profile content does not follow the rules, please contact an admin about it.
  • Users are expected to follow all of the wiki's editing policies.
  • If you feel that information in an article is wrong or should be changed, please start a discussion either in the article's comment section or discuss with an admin detailing why.
    • If the change is minor or done in order to undo vandalism, only an explanation in the edit summary is necessary.
  • Edits should be constructive, as well as have a certain level of effort and competency.