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• 12/5/2016

Eleven knew???

Ok so i have a theory that Eleven knew she was going to hurt mike. Let me explain, when mike kissed her she didn't smile or be happy (yes i'm aware she might of not known what it meant but anyway) and i was thinking maybe she acted weird because she knew it would hurt him if they liked eachother. Maybe thats why she said she was sorry, because there she had seen she hurts him but couldnt tell him in fear? This is a theory but i really like the idea behind it.
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• 12/27/2016
She didn't have a huge smile but she did smile after Mike kissed her. I think it was just something she had never experienced a kiss so she was quite surprised when it happened but she did produce a subtle smile. As far as not wanting to hurt him by liking each other, I think they were both beyond that point by the end. They loved each other by then. It is shown how much Mike already cares for Eleven in those final scenes in the classroom. He tells her she can come live with his family and they can go to the snowball together. He tells her she can eat as many eggos as she'd like. He says these things to comfort her in this moment, even if he's unsure they will even make it out of there alive, his only concern is comforting Eleven (That's love brotha!). The situation is so dire that it's all he can do to protect and calm her down. He even tries to stop her when she is confronting the Demogorgon, further proving how much he cares about her. Throughout the course of the season we see Eleven realize all harm that has come from her accidental opening of the gate. She goes from being scared in the first few episodes, to feeling guilty midway through the season. She even expresses her guilt to Mike after she saves him at the quarry. Finally at the end she isn't scared anymore and realizes that she is the only one who can stop the monster so she sacrifices herself for Mike and the boys (Love). So in short, I don't think she was trying stop him from liking her because he already loved her.
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