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• 12/1/2016

More Then One Eleven?

Now I love Eleven and all of the cast, but theories have been going around that there's more of Elevens kind, people with the same powers (maybe even stronger according to some people) and that they're in hiding from the government, just like Eleven. That they escaped before her, and she's number Eleven of the ones with special powers. If the government and 'bad men', as called by the kids, assumed the person to be dead or they've spent too long looking, they would find more people with powers like them or replace them. Kind of a weird theory, I know, but assuming the way the government figures are, they would definitely be able to find the missing 'science experiment' or replace them with someone else, and it'd simply be a never ending loop of experiments until the person escapes and they can not find them.
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• 12/8/2016
I think there are absolutely more test subjects out there, and I think it's very likely that the new season 2 character Roman is one of these. She's described as having a drug-addicted mother (like Eleven has Terry) and it's been confirmed she has a connection to the labs.
• 12/13/2016
Well, if she's called "Eleven", she must be subject number 011. So there must be other 10 subjects before!
• 9/27/2017
Eleven's name tag does suggest she is number 11 of her kind but it's possible all, or most, of the other subjects died during the experiments and she was their most successful 'lab rat.' Not a nice name but that's probably all she was to her captors.
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