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• 9/26/2016

I Think Eleven Is In The Upside-Down

I Think That The Sheriff is putting the eggos in the box because Eleven got stuck in the upside-down after the monster was vanquished, there is no evidence of foot-prints near-by the box except for the sheriff's and you know how everything in the upside-down is the same as the normal world, and it changes every time the normal world does? I think that the sheriff figured that out and contacted Eleven somehow.
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• 11/7/2016
He is taking care of her like his Upside Down Daughter. Now, my questions about The Sheriff is what meeting did he take with the Lab folks following the return from the Upside Down?
• 12/14/2016
Yeah I agree. I think (not exactly sure) the Duffin Brothers said that Hopps and Eleven would have some form of relationship in season 2. I really hope that Hopps adopts Eleven after they find her because he lost his daughter and it would be like a new thing for Hopps.
• 9/28/2017
Hooper clearly does have some kind of deal with the lab guys if that's who they are. I think he knows Eleven is still around in that other world and he is trying to draw her out. Will he betray her and turn her over to THEM? Somehow I don't think so. I'm not entirely sure what will transpire between them. All should be revealed when we see season 2.
• 10/17/2017
From what you see in the final trailer Hooper certainly left the Eggos for Eleven and knows she is around somewhere although he hasn't told Mike yet but he may have to when he knows the boy is aware of her being out there also.
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