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• 9/25/2016

There are more people like Eleven (and we've already met one!)

I don't know if this theory has been discussed, but it's something I've noticed and thought I'd share with you guys.

Firstly, I think it's /extremely/ obvious that Eleven is not the only "experiment"or "test subject". Her number is 011, which could mean that there could possibly be over 100 other people just like her in that facility (or there could potentially be... we don't know what those government people had planned... ). With that being said, if there are others, and her number is 011, so that would mean there would be 10 people before her (001 – 010).

My following theory is, we've already met one of those test subjects before. Remember that guy was sent into the Upside Down? In the yellow suit? My bet is that he is, or was, one of those 10 test subjects. I say one of the 10 as he looks older than Eleven, which could mean he's been there longer. After he dies, Dr. Brenner says "my son". Sure, you could say it's his actual son, but Eleven calls Brenner "papa" and we all know that they aren't actually father and daughter.

What do you guys think? Is that guy from the start a "test subject" like Eleven?
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• 10/1/2016
Actually he never says my son. He says what someone typically says to someone of younger age..... The exact quote Brenner said to him was, "Good luck in there, son." Seen it 3 times already... Brenner is the head of the entire project and they all look up to him. Yes, there are obviously more test subjects... but I doubt he would waste one in there..... He knew the guy was most likely going to be killed.... 20 plus years of research gone on throwing a test subject into the gate? I don't think so. It was most likely a govt. agent... (who are expendable to him, remember when 11 killed 2 agents and he praised her??)
• 10/19/2016
i dont exactly agree with the last part about his son but i think some more theories could strike like i would call it the "rejected" or killed subjects or maybe, we just see one test subject and theres others that we just don't know about

(guys im not a good theory maker or anything no hate please and i cannot type today)
• 12/5/2016
I dont agree with the theory above (not the original).
They literally spent 20 years to each shit to people and they WEREN'T gonna investigate with people who can MOVE THINGS WITH THEIR MINDS?? Yeah ofc they r gonna send a subject out!
• 12/14/2016
"Son" can refer to someone younger than you. For example, "Don't get killed out there son." I don't think he was a test subject, probably just some low rank government agent.
• 12/15/2016
I think the other subjects were probably killed during testing or maybe even killed by eleven herself. Although I do think that Joyce could be another test subject, as the only people who could contact people in the upside down were Eleven and Joyce, and at one point Brenner said something about 6 to her and she was confused, he covered it up by saying 6 people had been taken during that week, when only 4 people had. (Will, Barb, yellow suit guy and the elevator guy)

(Im really bad at explaining)
• 1/18/2017
In response to Jessie,
Actually 6 people were indeed taken because in episode 5: The Flea and the Acrobatright right after Chief Hopper discovers his house had been bugged, Officer Powel and Callahan (the officers that work alongside Hopper) rock up at his house and inform him that 2 hunters had gone hunting and never came back.
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