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• 9/1/2016

Stranger Things Season 2

The adventure continues. Stranger Things 2 is coming to Netflix 2017.
Stranger Things 2 | Netflix
Stranger Things 2 | Netflix YouTube
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• 10/7/2017
As I write this there are just 20 days remaining before the long awaited ST season 2 arrives. I'd just like to make a few comments and predictions. By the time we've watched this season 3 could already be underway. According to the Duffer Brothers we can almost certainly expect another. Also I believe that Halloween 2018 will be when that comes to Netflix.
When Christmas comes around I think that we will see the official DVD release of season 1. Probably there will be no extra material as with most DVDs because Netflix is just a downstreaming company but it should be a big seller just the same even though many people have already seen it.
The show is expected to end by season 4 when the boys have reached their mid teens and that's probably the best time. They should quit while it's still great and not let it over stay it's welcome like so many American series. It's a real gem and let's all enjoy it while it's here. I await season 2 with much anticipation.
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