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• 8/25/2016

Least favorite character?

Sure, we all have our favorite characters - but who is your least favorite?

I would have to say Lucas. He wasn't likeable to me, however, he did get better towards the end of the season.
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• 11/14/2016
Good question. Dustin it the egghead (sometimes annoying), Lucas the "i m always correct" and i should say that mike is the more equilibrated. So i am more inclined with Lucas... i was so happy when eleven almost killed him... so you have your answer haha
• 5/27/2017
Steve Harrington -- obviously.
• 9/24/2017
My least favorite character is Steve Harrington. I also don't like how Nancy got back together with Steve in the end of the 1 season because first of all he hurt her feelings really bad and he is just not a nice person , anyways i think that Nancy and Jonathon should have gotten together.
• 10/3/2017
Steve did do some bad stuff but he did redeem himself later so don't judge him too harshly. There's a new guy in Stranger Things 2 called Billy who will make Steve look like a saint and I think everyone will hate him.
• 10/27/2017
true i guess
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