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• 8/13/2016

Dr. Brenner

Do you think Dr. Brenner actually dead? The viewers only saw the Monster jump towards him, but then the scene quickly changed.

Personally, I think he is dead (and sort of deserves it). However, he may be helpful in aiding the characters with Will's current condition and uncovering more information about the Upside Down.

Also, since he desperately wants El, he will do anything to find her.
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• 8/14/2016
At about 48:30 in the final episode the camera zooms away from a news article about Will Byers. The last sentence of the article is, "Under legal... Brenner has issued no comment on-".
• 8/15/2016
So he may still be alive.. Good sleuthing!
• 10/3/2017
Matthew Modine is in Stranger Things 2 they are saying so he must have escaped the monster somehow although a new guy will be in charge of the lab.
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